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Banco Estado internet password BLOCKED ✓ 【SOLUTION】

Banco Estado internet password BLOCKED ✓ 【SOLUTION】

National Bank It is the most important bank in the country, in fact many of us have accounts associated with it, such as the RUT Account, the most used Chilean account. In order to access the Banco Estado web portal, you need to have a password, which you have certainly blocked several times. Do you have your internet key blocked from Banco Estado?, here we will show you step by step to be able to unlock and use the site without problems.

Locked state bank key

Access to the bank’s website is of the utmost importance, because it is the method we must be able to do for transfers, account payments, checking the balance, movements, card, etc. Therefore, if access is blocked, we will be unable to perform any activity associated with our account.

You have to keep in mind that we have two totally different ways to use our bank account, one is through the Banco Estado app, which works pretty well and allows us to do most of the daily things we need to do, including performing payments or transfers directly With the mobile phone and the second method we have is to access the website, but in this case we need a password, and if it is blocked we will not be able to access it.

You cannot enter the Banco Estado Password blocked site

As for the banking application, we need to make it clear that it works quite well and that it is one of the fastest and easiest options we have to perform any procedure we need, such as making a transfer or even reviewing it. latest moves. In this case, in order to enter, we must create an access code, which allows us to log in to our account and perform all transactions or examine everything we need.

It is a free and highly recommended application, the only requirement is to have a mobile phone or tablet to install the application, in case of Android devices requires a version 4.4 or higher and in addition to a minimum of available storage space, which you will allow you to download and install the application without any problems.

National Bank
National Bank

Regarding the operation of the application, it requires an Internet connection, otherwise it cannot be used and it is also a requirement to create an access code and, in turn, a «BE Pass» password, a password from 6 digits with which you can complete any necessary transaction.

Internet password blocked to enter the State Bank

If you want to enter the state bank through the website, but you have your internet password blocked, you have two options and then we will detail them:

  1. Go directly to one of the Banco Estado branches, where they can help you and solve the problem quickly, because this error usually occurs when you try to enter repeatedly and the access password does not match, so it is locked for greater security. All you have to do is present your ID card and ask for your password to access the web portal.
  2. Call the Banco Estado 600 200 0011 Call Center, where they will be able to help you and will certainly make you complete the key recovery process, with which you will be able to access the site without any problems.
Unlock the Internet Bank status key

It is important to remember that any bank-related procedure will always be cumbersome, as important data is saved, so without a doubt it will always be best to go directly to a Banco Estado branch, where they can help and solve the problem. thus carrying out all the necessary procedures through the web platform that Banco Estado has for all its customers.

  • Failed to retrieve Internet access code from Banco Estado? Write us a comment and we will help you soon.