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Backup, Restore, Move Steam Games with Steam Library Manager

Copia de seguridad, restauración, mover juegos de Steam con Steam Library Manager 1

All PC players enjoy playing the most popular games from Steam and even some of the most terrible. Your game library is probably quite large, so what happens when it’s time to back up? Not everyone wants to delete games and add them again at a later date, so a good backup tool is always needed.

Back up, restore, move Steam games

We find software known as Steam library manager . This special software allows the user to backup, restore or move their game library through multiple libraries. This open source software makes it easy to move your Steam applications, which is why we think it’s interesting.

How to use Steam Library Manager

Once the software is installed and working with your Steam account, we can see the graphical user interface and how intuitive it is. Home show all your games miniature and looks pretty decent from our perspective. The Steam library manager also shows us the possible installation paths. We can also create as many locations as needed at any time.

To save space, the user can move the content from one location to another. The software also includes several tabs that allow the user to update their Steam library, create a new library, or back up an entire library. Everything is very simple to set up, which makes it an extraordinary experience.

We should point out that, like the Steam app, it is possible check for corrupt files and check system requirements, among other things.

How does Steam Library Manager make it possible for people to save space?

Well, we understand that it compresses files while in backup mode. It takes some time, and as such, we recommend that you have a powerful computer before you try to download and use this software. On the other hand, if you’re a regular Steam player with multiple titles in your library, you probably already have a strong team.

Steam Library Manager free download

In general, we enjoyed using Steam Library Manager. It doesn’t do the job on time, but it all depends on the size of the files. If this software proves to be a success, don’t be surprised if Valve adds some of the features we discussed with the official Steam client.

Download Steam Library Manager right here from the official website.

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