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AutoCAD How to draw a house plan in AutoCAD with the necessary details Among the most used tools in the area of ​​engineering …

AutoCAD How to draw a house plan in AutoCAD with the necessary details Among the most used tools in the area of ​​engineering ...

Among the most used tools in the area Engineering and design you will find AutoCad. Just as there are basic tools, such as Word, in which you can make drawings or sketches, AutoCad is used to create many plans, which can be started with a basic program course or simply by learning online on your own. .

What drawings are easy to make in AutoCAD?

This program is mainly used to make two-dimensional drawings, however there are versions of AutoCad that allows you to draw in 3D. The most «simple» and common drawings are the plans, which are made by a set of lines, circles, squares or polygons.

By joining each of these elements, the plane of almost any element is formed. In a simple way you can draw plans, but if you want to stand out, you can take the drawings to a third dimension just by lifting them in an isometric way.

What should I do before I start drawing in the program?

Anyone with some knowledge of drawing, perspective or design can learn to use AutoCad very fast. It is only necessary that the first step is to download the program to a PC, preferably AutoCad can be presented in older versions, such as 2013, up to current versions, such as 2021.

The installed version will depend on PC storage capacity and graphics card. However, the program runs very well in a basic way on computers or laptops that are not the latest generation.

On which devices can I make a better drawing with AutoCAD?

You can download the program on both desktops and laptops, and as a plus, you can download it on devices smartphones and tablets. Of course, for convenience in terms of drawing, it is best to manipulate it on a computer, using the mouse and keyboard. This will allow you to use the drawing commands more accurately.

Who can use this tool to draw?

This tool can be used by any student or professional related to the field engineering, architecture or industrial design, because it is not only used to make plans for houses, but also for structures or parts in general. From a building to a screw, AutoCad is quite flexible when it comes to use.

How do I create a house plan in AutoCAD?

There are different ways to learn how to manage the program, there are teaching courses on the web and on the YouTube platform that teach quickly. For starters draw a house it can be done by simple drawing commands located in the instrument panel or by commands.

designing house plans

Internal tools in AutoCAD

To start drawing a plan, you need to locate the main tools, in the «home» menu you will find tabs for lines, polyline lines, circles, squares, as well as functions such as cutting, lengthening, measuring, duplicating; all this is necessary to create the plan of a house.

With a keyboard shortcut

Another way to draw is by studying in advance a command name, but instead of looking for them in a menu, simply type the letters corresponding to the command and press «enter». This will allow the activation and execution of the requested function, an example can be: Mark L on the keyboard and enter, it will automatically activate the «line» function.

What are the additional details that can improve my plan?

The plan, as its name suggests, is a two-dimensional drawing, which will reflect everything you want to draw, now there are details that can be added to make the drawing a little more real.

For example, you can play with the colors and thickness of the lines, you can also add objects called «blocks» of doors, windows, furniture, appliances, trees, even vehicles and people. You can easily get this plus from the web and download it for AutoCad or also if you want to draw it using the same tools as the program.

viewing printed plans

How can I print the plan I made in AutoCAD?

At the top of the menu bar, a TO in red, click on it and a list of tools will be displayed where you will find it «Print or print». This function is chosen and a new window opens, you will be able to choose the scale and the area to be printed, as well as the type of sheet on which the print will come out and whether you want to print in color or monochrome. All of these details must be selected for printing.