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At this Amazon supermarket, just take what you want and leave

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You have no doubt heard of stores without human cashiers: instead of talking to someone, you pay for your purchases at a machine. Good, Amazon has took a step further by presenting on Monday (5) Amazon Go, a cashless supermarket. But none absolute – Enter the store, take what you want and leave. Everything is loaded automatically.

This video makes the operation very clear:

For the technology to work, Amazon has equipped its supermarket with sensors and cameras that use automatic vision techniques and machine learning , such as self-driving cars, to automatically understand what products you took (or returned) from the store shelf.

The new feature allows you to shop more naturally, simply take the items you want, put them in your bag (or even in your pocket if it’s small) and leave the supermarket without waiting in line. It is also possible to do something similar in Brazilian supermarkets, but this would be called «theft», not «buying» and there would be a human security that would prevent you from leaving.

At this Amazon supermarket, all you have to do is take what you want and walk away 1

The value of your purchase is charged to your Amazon account, and the items you collect are updated on your screen. smartphone . To enter the supermarket, you need to swipe your mobile phone with the Amazon Go app at the entrance; You don’t have to do anything to leave. According to the company, the store offers food options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, including bread, milk, cheese and chocolates.

For now, Amazon Go is in beta and can only be accessed by employees, but the company will open its supermarket to the general public in early 2017. The store is located in Seattle, Washington.

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