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Are you Piler, Filer or Deleter? Ask Microsoft!

¿Es usted un Piler, Filer o Deleter? Pregunta a Microsoft! 1

Microsoft has launched a new website called How is your inbox? ? The goal is simple. He asks you what the e-mail box looks like, whether it’s a happy, neat and tidy mess or weak and light.

So take a look at the inbox, see where you are, and click on one of the tiles, which of course reminds you of the Metro user interface.

Suppose you click Happy mess . Thepop-out will tell you that you are a Piler and will give you statistics about what the inbox is like. These statistics are averages of segmented email users per person, based on a survey of email users commissioned by Microsoft.

Click Sort and Sort and it will be sorted as a cabinet.

Click Tilt and Light, and then you’re definitely a Deleter.

Check it out Here , have fun and tell us who your guy is!

Hat Tip: Windows on Twitter.

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