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Applications How to share or send GIF images to users in Slack – Easy Tricks

Applications How to share or send GIF images to users in Slack - Easy Tricks

Instant messaging services have always been absolutely necessary the social development of humanityd, in particular to promote globalization through electronic devices and tools that optimize previously complicated and time-consuming processes. And more importantly, to save money in the process.

Currently, the service of the most used instant messaging is WhatsApp, despite the fact that there are alternative and safe applications compared to it, taking into account all the security doubts that have arisen around WhatsApp recently. Despite the endless tools that this service offers, it is not the best to work in large groups.

In particular, given that more and more people are being relocated to work due to different circumstances. Services like Zoom have appeared encourages group work on different platforms, where it is possible to enter or easily enter a meeting room or zoom from your mobile phone without having to waste time in the process.

man using weakness from phone to work

Like Zoom, we have the Skype service, being a little better known with a similar interface that perfectly complements your mobile device, through the easy process of adding or adding and managing contacts in Skype step by step. platforms available, have group video calls without any problem.

However, the main messaging service that has stood out in the work and group environments lately would be Slack. You can download its official version for Android through the Play Store, completely free to start working neatly in a simple and easy to use platform.

Being a tool more and more used by companies to increase productivity and avoid confusion, with over 750,000 companies subscribing to this service, making it more and more popular, and therefore it is necessary to learn to work within it. For this reason, in this article we will teach you how to share or send GIF images to Slack users.

Share GIF images with other users

Despite being a unique messaging tool for work environments, the use of GIF images is becoming more common in any type of social environment, Slack is no stranger to this feature and has a set of options to get GIFs on your platform and add them to your chat options.

To find GIFs within the platform, you need to go to the Slack application directory and enter «GIF» in the search engine to see all the applications dedicated to finding and using GIFs. In all services within the platform, the most recommended is Giphy for its variety of available options sorted by category, making them easier to find.

All you have to do is enter the Giphy Slack app and add it to your desktop regardless of the platform you use the Slack service on, now in the space to enter messages type / giphy[tipo de GIF que necesitas], to insert a GIF into the chat.

Giphy will display a random GIF about the type you entered, in case you don’t like it, you can select the Shuffle option to search for a different GIF of the same type. These are shared in links so as not to take up space in the internal storage of the equipment.

Alternative applications to share GIF images

If you’re not happy with Giphy’s options to share GIFs with other users, you can try any of the following alternative applications.

woman sending gif in slack via android

Gfycat: Through this service you can find all kinds of GIFs made by other users, shared for free with the option to create your own GIF via the platform.

Ezgif: As with Gfycat, on this platform you can create your own GIF with any type of video you have on your computer, mobile or virtual cloud storage.

Imgflip: Another application for create custom GIFs from videos in your storage, in addition to having a large catalog of popular videos and memes for free download.