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Applications How to set the gallery mode to Zoom and see all meeting participants In the age of technology two things can happen, stay away …

Applications How to set the gallery mode to Zoom and see all meeting participants In the age of technology two things can happen, stay away ...

In the age of technology, two things can happen, moving away from the real world by being immersed for a long time in the digital world or approaching people through this virtual environment. It is true that many people stay connected through existing applications or social networks on the internet. And more during this time, where practically is the only resource to stay online with family, friends, colleagues and teachers.

The Zoom platform is considered among the most used to make video calls, it has been a communication bridge for many companies to connect with their employees and that work does not stop. For a long time, this was almost impossible to achieve, however such applications Zoom has shown that distance is not a barrier to communication. In addition, it works for all types of meetings.

How many participants can see a Zoom call at a time?

Many of Zoom’s calls are macro-level, meaning there are many participants because they are generally used for online courses or business meetings. The minimum number of participants is two, and the maximum is 100 people. However, not all can be seen on the main screen, only 49 can be seen, which is an acceptable number given the total number of participants.

How can all participants see a meeting in Zoom?

In the Zoom gallery view, it is not possible to see all participants on a single screen, but there is an option to scroll the screen using arrow indicators to see the rest of the participants.


However, in order to see the 49 participants, everyone must have their own computer screen in the video call, because if for one reason or another, the screen is shared, will not be reflected in the gallery view.

How do I set up gallery view in Zoom?

In every Zoom meeting there must be a host or simply the person leading, this is not always the one who creates the video call, because in the middle of it they can spend their turn. In the speaker view, you may see that specific person, however, if it is a large meeting, it is best to use the gallery view. That allows view all meeting participants.

As a normal zoom configuration, only 25 participants will appear on the main screen, so to expand to 49 we will proceed to edit this default configuration.

Mobile application

The mobile application brings several standard configurations, one is to see a single speaker on the screenHowever, to change this option in the gallery view, you need to do the following.

Tap the screen where you see the meeting and swipe left. With this simple step, you’ll change the way you view your video call.

From the computer

From your computer is very simple, you need to log in to your account and go to the configuration box below the profile photo. Select video in the left sidebar and locate the video menu, a list should be displayed where «49 participants» is selected.

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Another way to enable this option is to go to the view menu on the top right and to open it select «view gallery». And it will be ready, so in your next macro call you can see this number of participants.

How do I adjust the video settings for a call in Zoom?

In order to have a successful video call, it is important to consider that all conditions are appropriate. In Zoom, you can adjust several aspects, from turning off the microphone so that it does not interrupt the call. Another feature is that calls can be recorded, in addition to being, for example, a class, the camera may also be turned off so as not to be seen. And so there is a greater concentration for the other spectators.

A very useful feature is also to share a screen with other participants, so if you want to give a presentation, you can. All these functions can be adjusted in the configuration menu, a slightly enlarged window will be displayed with all the boxes you can edit. You can spend time choosing between one because it includes some like audio, video, chat, filters, keyboard, among others.

How to hide participants who have not activated video?

If you want to hide participants who haven’t activated the video, you can enter the setup part and select the «video» tab. Once inside, find the option to hide participants without a video.

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