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Applications How to download maps from Google Maps – Step-by-step download guide If you want to get somewhere but don’t know how to get there, …

Applications How to download maps from Google Maps - Step-by-step download guide If you want to get somewhere but don't know how to get there, ...

If you want to go somewhere, but you don’t know how to get there, Google Maps is the best tool to tell you how to get to your destination. This is an application launched on the market to provide addresses from different parts of the world.

And not that, but he is also capable provide users with site images and satellite photos. It was specially designed in 2005, initially only as a web mapping service, and even in 2008 it became an ideal application for your Android device.

Therefore, thanks to the good receptivity of the public, Google Maps can gives you specific information about your addresses. It is not only able to provide the address, but also the different means of transport available on the route and the time that is used in using each option. You can also share these addresses with your contacts or even spread them on social networks.

How do I use Google Maps offline?

In order to use Google Maps it is necessary download the area addresses in advance where you will be without access to a network. For this, Google Maps thought about this situation and as a solution created the Zone offline option. This section is in the side menu of the Play Store. A curious fact is that you can play «Snake» on Google Maps if you are looking for entertainment while navigating.

Google Maps world phone locations

Just tap it and the map of your area will be displayed on the screen, click the + button and then just frame the area you are going to visit and press the save option. Finally, you just need to determine a name for the map, after the download that is displayed in the notification bar you can use these addresses without any problem in any area you are in.

Download updated maps

You have already selected the location, press the three dots on the right and select download. After a few seconds, the location will be stored on your device and not only that, but you can send it to your loved ones so that they know your location in case of an irregular situation.

Certainly, Google Maps not only thinks about the services offered to users, but also allows their realization a much safer application.

Save mobile data and battery

As we already know as the car advances, the route is unloaded the necessary maps, which would mean constant use of battery and data.

google maps directions

Thus there are methods available to save battery power and data in the middle of the trip. Because after an hour of travel, you could spend about 300 megabytes, which would increase the cost of renting your mobile device.

And that’s it It is an ideal option if we go to outdoor areas. With Google Maps you can definitely reach any corner of the world. To do this, you need to previously download the map in the offline map section.

Where are Google Maps maps saved?

You usually are saved as a shortcut on the main screen of the device. To do this, you need to access the Google Maps application and select the blue circle at the bottom right of the screen called «go».

There in the appropriate boxes select the start point and end point of the route you want to take. To store it, tap the three dots in the search bar and tap Add route to the home screen. And voila, this route will be available with a single click on the shortcut that will be displayed on the screen.

How do I use maps downloaded from Google Maps?

This is a fairly simple step, as the maps have already been downloaded and stored on your Sun device. access the application.

satellite map google maps

Then press the offline zone option and the stored routes will be displayed, it should be noted that they work properly without the need for an external connection.

Such that, is a fairly reliable application and this will help you reach your destination. If you love tourism, this app will become your best friend. Just take the necessary steps and make sure you download the map before you travel.

What data can we manage from maps saved in Maps?

Believe it or not when you downloaded the maps you will have all the data available in the direction of gas stations, streets, shopping malls, images with scrollable maps, photos, travel time, means of transport, computer of walking routes, by vehicle and by bicycle.

Definitely that has become a very complete application. This is due to the information provided by organizations such as the Geological Survey of the United States and the National Institute of Geography of Mexico, each can provide the appropriate data for each of its nations, as well as the rest of the countries. the world.

Delete stored maps

The first thing you should do is access the Google Maps application and select the profile icon next to the search bar. A Google Maps activity window will appear there. Click on the section named Your Data in Maps, you will be shown two options.

android google maps application

The it will first help you clear your data history. And the second to turn off location history. Select the box that says «View and delete activity,» click, and it will capitalize on your location map.

Press the three dots and select settings and privacy. In the drop-down menu, press the option to clear the location history and all stored maps will be deleted.

Rename the saved area

This is a very simple step, for this it is necessary access the list of maps saved in the application. This can be found in the options menu available on the profile icon.

Sufficient press the offline maps option and select the location you want to rename in the three dots that appear on the right. A box with the current location name will be displayed immediately, delete it, and enter the new name. Tap Save and voila, the name will be changed on the corresponding map.

Update the maps

To do this, you need to update directly from the application. Even in the latest update released on the market the Covid-19 tab has been activated so with it you will be able to know the updated epidemiological information of the area you want to visit. This is definitely an application that targets domestic tourism and now with much more accurate and complete data reloading.

directions for the telephone map

It is only necessary for the update go to the Play Store and select the My Applications tab. Select the update tab and you will have all these new features available.

See the maps for the next trips

Just for that you need to select the next location in the Google Maps search engine. Always make sure you determine your starting point and final destination so that you can know the route and all available data that this application provides. This is a great option for selecting the next location you want to visit. Take advantage of a weekend of rest and discover with Google Maps new places that allow you to leave the comfort zone and enjoy a different day.