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Applications How to delete your OkCupid account from your mobile phone or computer forever To meet people it is not so common to talk in person, …

Applications How to delete your OkCupid account from your mobile phone or computer forever To meet people it is not so common to talk in person, ...

To meet people it is no longer so common to talk in person or meet in one place. Now everything is virtual, he prefers to talk by message, by video call or simply to meet through dating portals. However, because any virtual process has its risks, often the information is reliable on the web or something personal is shared that is not always true.

It also happens with dating portals, you can create fake profiles, people can identify others, or simply use a false identity to get a chance meeting without any formality. Unfortunately, these failures have discouraged many users from continuing to search for a partner through dating portals or, worse, are socially affected from continuing to meet people online.

How safe is OkCupid? Should I leave the platform?

The idea of ​​being cheated is not so pleasant for users, which is why many have given up the intention to meet friends on OkCupid. Even the thought of leaving the platform was caught in some thoughts precisely because they have generated discomfort and even disappointment from OkCupid users who are victims of this type of situation.

So to prevent these cases, OkCupid decided to receive only real names in its forms to create a session. When previously you could use a nickname or alias, now it is mandatory to put a name.

In addition, OkCupid constantly does a virtual tour of the profiles which seem to be some lie. And they are careful to eliminate or block them.

What happens if I turn off the «Show me OkCupid» option?

As long as the user keeps their session active in OkCupid, it will be visually online to the other contacts and they will be able to interact. However, there will be times when you don’t want to talk, just browse the app. For this you can disable the «Show me OkCupid» mode, so that the application only shows you online status.

identify someone else

It is well known that OkCupid is a platform originating in the United States, it does not mean that if you want to contact them it is an impossible task. If you need to contact OkCupid customer service for any need, you can do so through various contact methods.

There is a total free direct dial line, 01800 (this option is only available in the US), where you can ask for information, make complaints or simply clarify any doubts. On the other hand, there is an alternative email for these requirements. will allow you to contact them in writing, and if you wish to request the deletion of your account data, you may also request them by this means. Or you can also go to the official OkCupid website, and in your account you can find the customer service option.

What happens after deleting the account?

If the decision has already been made definitely to delete the account, because you really did not feel satisfied, or because you have already found your partner and do not have to search again. You can do this from the settings. However, you have two options, one is to turn it off for a while, and the other is to remove it completely. If the first option is chosen and you want to access OkCupid again in the future, then the platform will take over all the information you have previously filled in.

But if the decision is irreversible, then it’s time to access the settings menu, and at the end of the drop-down window, look for the option «You need a break to deactivate or delete your account» and then choose it.

leave the dating portal

Once you’ve deleted your account, you won’t be able to access it, at least not with the same username and password, because if you want to return to OkCupid you have to do it with a new user. However, if the idea is to keep looking for a partner, you can try other dating portals. Maybe this time you can meet true love.