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Applications How to cut a video with Simple Video Cutter step by step Documenting the moments in the form of video will always be a great …

Applications How to cut a video with Simple Video Cutter step by step Documenting the moments in the form of video will always be a great ...

Documenting moments in video form will always be a great idea, but sometimes you have to edit them a bit to make them more appealing. It is very common for videos to become very long and cut. Simple Video Cutter is a developed tool for fast video editing, very easy to handle by any user who wants it.

This editor has limited but specific functions and can be considered the easiest video editor to use, which is why many users prefer it.

What features does Video Cutter offer us?

It offers basic but efficient functions, its main goal is to be able to cut videos, at different points, to get excerpts from it and thus facilitate the work of users. You can also deactivate the entire video or the cropped snippet using the «Disable» option. Other basic tools it offers are the addition of color effects, the type of filter, and the ability to rotate the video at different angles if needed.

What is the procedure for using Video Cutter to cut my video?

There’s no need be a professional or a cutting expert audiovisual material, with this program it is very easy to make it. The first thing to do is open the program on your computer or mobile phone, then you have to select the video to edit, create the selection of fragments to cut, check if the desired section has been marked. After editing is complete, the new video must be downloaded and will be visible in the device download or in the gallery option.

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How do I change the format of my video?

The program has the function of compressing videos; allowing the change of size, in different measures; increases or decreases the quality; and customize the download name. In the same way, you can extract the sound from the video and get it in MP3 format if it is preferred by the user.

What other editors can I use for free to cut videos?

The constant development of the Internet and social networks has allowed the growth of video publishing in recent years, which has made it very common for people of all ages to edit videos. A wide list of audiovisual publishers is known, however, many users report a list of free online publishers.

They differ from them Clipchamp, a fairly easy-to-use editor, great for beginners. Not only does it offer the cutting function, but it is very attractive to be able to use templates and give an original creative note to the videos. Another favorite is Wondershare Filmora, which is a very effective tool for editing videos, adding audio, writing, images, stickers and many other things that can be added to video content.

A classic example of publishers, but a little more complex to use, is Movie Maker Online, which offers elements such as transitions, filters, text and the ability to add photos.

YouTube Studio

Google has been characterized over the years to provide the best Internet users, which is why it was launched YouTube Studio, a great tool for creators visual content.

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YouTube Studio offers the option to cut videos at the beginning, middle, or end. You need to access YouTube Studio, click «Content», select the video to edit, click «Editor» in the left menu. Select the «Cut» option, click the blue box and select the videos to keep, everything outside the blue box will be removed. It is recommended, press preview for confirm the video editing and finally changes are saved.


One of the best creations in the publishing world and a favorite for the fans, no doubt, are Camtasia. It gives the user the ability to create modern content, record the computer screen, export videos in various formats and even silence them. It goes beyond video editing, it is indeed a platform that has excellent tools that will surely provide user satisfaction.