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Apple Watch Series 4 wins EKG mode in the United States

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The Apple watch The fourth generation was announced three months ago, with a larger screen than previous generations, a new tactile feedback engine for the digital crown and the possibility of an EKG on the wrist. Together with this tool, the Smart watch from Apple You may also notice irregular heartbeats, but everything has been turned off by default on your device.

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The limitation no longer exists with watchOS 5.1.2, released today. In order to work, the owner of the Apple Watch must touch the digital crown and leave his finger there for 30 seconds for the reading to be done correctly. The collected data is sent to the Health application and from there you can generate a PDF that can be sent to the doctor.

To avoid false positives, Apple reiterates what it said in its September event with the FDA (US Agency similar to Anvisa), when it made it clear that the appeal does not serve as a concrete diagnosis and that medical follow-up should not be reduced. as if the clock is making some basic measurements.

The same goes for reading your heart rate to alert you to a rhythm irregularity, such as an arrhythmia. To warn the user of irregular heartbeats, this second feature requires readings every two hours. If the result shows an anomaly in the last five readings, Watch issues an alert and suggests that the user seek medical attention.

Both are limited to the United States and are not expected to operate in other countries, not even in Brazil, which already has the Apple Watch Series 4 in stores.

With information: The Verge.

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