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Apple takes over Samsung’s leadership by announcing the company’s record profit, despite the presence of the iPhone X.

Apple takes over Samsung's leadership by announcing the company's record profit, despite the presence of the iPhone X.

It is always good to receive good news after a period of sustained hits. Like the refreshing lemon bite at the end of a tequila prison, Apple had the best news possible to eliminate the pain. slowed the growth of enlarged headphones Yes reduced iPhone X deliveries . The company announced record profits of £ 14 billion in the last three months of 2017, surpassing the record £ 12.9 billion set in 2015.

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And lemon bread becomes even juicier when you realize that Apple also surpassed Samsung in phone sales in the same period. While Samsung traded 74.4 million amazing phones (18.4% of the market), Apple managed to download 77.3 million iPhone phones.

Interestingly, there is a slight disadvantage in this regard: while the company’s revenue increased by 13% to 62 billion pounds, phone sales actually fell by 1% over the previous year. But because the iPhone X is so expensive, the money earned per unit was actually higher.

«We are pleased to report on the most important quarter of the history of the apple with a large-scale increase that included higher revenue from a new iPhone line, «Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a statement welcoming the news.apple_breaks_company_profit_record_despite_bad_iphone_x_omens_and_beats_samsung_in_the_phones_game_2

«The iPhone X has exceeded our expectations and has been the best-selling iPhone every week since its launch in November,» Cook added.

This is a very strange statement, given what we know or think we know about iPhone X sales. Reports earlier this month suggested that Apple had halved the number of orders for the expensive phone. . It may still coincide with the fact that it is the best seller, after all it may not sell as well as expected, but it is harder to get in with the comment that it exceeded expectations. Unless you’re referring to exceeding negative expectations, which is strange to put in a celebratory press release.

Anyway, something is not added, but the numbers do not lie, and the numbers are beautifully reflected in most areas. While Mac sales fell slightly, iPad sales rose slightly and «other products,» a category that includes watches and TVs, rose 36 percent. In fact, sales of the Apple Watch Series 3 doubled those of the Series 2 in the same period last year.prus43548018-f-1

In addition to overcoming Samsung in smartphone sales in the fourth quarter of 2017 With its market share of 19.2%, Apple OVER Chinese manufacturers Huawei (10.2%), Xiaomi (7%) and Oppo (6.8%) completed the top five. Others, including Sony, HTC, LG, Nokia and the like, accounted for 38.6% of «other» sales.