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Apple dominates 86% of the profits in the smartphone market

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When Manzanita published its financial results, we found that it sold fewer smartphones in the fourth quarter, but made record profits, especially thanks to the iPhone X.

In fact, according to Counterpoint Research, Apple dominated 86% of mobile market earnings in the fourth quarter. IPhone X alone accounts for 35% of the total.

It may seem easy to get a lot out of a smartphone that costs from $ 999 in the US and $ 6,999 in Brazil. However, it could have come off due to the high price, the absence of Touch ID and the design with notch – and this did not happen.

«The iPhone X has exceeded our expectations and has been the best-selling iPhone every week since its launch in November,» said Tim Cook in February.

Of the 10 smartphones that generated the most profits, 8 are from Apple; the others are Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 More from Samsung. They represent 90% of the total profits of this market.

Apple dominates 86% of profits in the smartphone market 2

The other 10% is shared between several manufacturers, such as LG, Motorola, Asus and Sony, in addition to the Chinese Xiaomi, Huawei , Oppo and Vivo – which are some of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world.

If a company spends years without making a profit, it leaves the market for an hour. HTC, for example, has sold part of its smartphone division to Google and could launch its latest flagship this year.

LG has been painful in the mobile division and wants to change that with a new flagship – G7 ThinQ – and faster updates for Android. Motorola has placed a Brazilian as world president to gain greater relevance in the global market.

Apple dominates 86% of profits in the smartphone market 3

But, according to Counterpoint Research, “the global smartphone market has already reached its peak; replacement cycles are longer and major manufacturers are now under pressure to make a profit.

Make? Sell ​​more high-quality smartphones, which justifies a higher price. In total, Chinese manufacturers made a profit of $ 1.3 billion in the fourth quarter, driven by mid-range and high-end devices. Huawei, Oppo and Vivo «are now looking to increase the price range.

With information: Counterpoint, MacRumores.

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