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Apple confirms that the hybrid job is here to stay

Apple confirms that the hybrid job is here to stay

Apple CEO Tim Cook believes many of his company’s business customers will continue to support the hybrid workforce with the withdrawal of the COVID-19 threat.

«Very critical» work from home

Cook’s comments came as he discussed his company’s record results in the second quarter of 21. «It looks like a lot of companies will operate in some sort of hybrid way,» he said of record sales of Mac and iPad . «So it looks like work from home and productivity from home will continue to be very important.»

Apple shared some data that could help illustrate how the pandemic fueled a job (and learned) from the home appliance sales game, with record sales in each product category and geography.

«About two-thirds of people who buy Macs or iPads do so for the first time,» in some regions, he said.

Citing supply constraints between industries for some components, he also warned: «Expect to be regulated by supply, not regulated by demand when it comes to Mac and iPad sales for the rest of the year.»

Apple has a major business implementation

As usual during the winning calls, Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer, mentioned some major implementations of Apple products that appeared in the quarter that just ended. «In the corporate market, customers in many industries are accelerating the adoption of the iPhone 12 and 5G as a key platform for the future of their business,» he said. Among them:

Delta Airlines: As announced yesterday, Delta is delivering tens of thousands of iPhone 12s to flight attendants. They will be used to improve passenger services in various ways, including the interesting use of RA.

The British provider Openreach, which supplies tens of thousands of iPhone 12 for field engineers to accelerate broadband deployment.

UC Health of Colorado, which reduced patients’ vaccination time from 3 minutes to 30 seconds when migrating to the iPhone from the PC.

WFH Apple Opportunity

When it comes to running the business, it is possible that Apple will continue to benefit from the trend at work. Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster says:

«Apple will continue to be a growth story for the foreseeable future. The company will benefit from a multi-annual 5G cycle, an accelerated digital transformation that determines the demand for its products and services and possible new product categories. «

«Demand is very strong right now,» Cook said. … On the Mac side, you have the combination of M1 and work from home and distance learning, and on the iPad, you also have distance learning and work from home. «

Cook’s observation that both Macs and iPads benefit from the global adoption of hybrid working models seems particularly appropriate, given the recent introduction of the iPad Pro with M1 technology. With the same processor now on Macs and iPads, industry observers expect Apple to make some major changes to the iPad’s user interface so that users can properly exploit that locked power.

Cook’s understanding that both products serve these markets suggests a broader understanding at Apple of the importance of both product families to the needs of business professionals. What we don’t know is whether this will extend to further developments in multitasking or lead to support for professional applications such as Final Cut Pro, Xcode or Logic X.

Meanwhile, the macro-trend is maintained. Over 70% of employees want to continue working remotely when the pandemic recedes. There is also great support for hybrid working models.

Writing on LinkedIn, HSBC CEO Noel Quinn said that once the pandemic is over, he wants to be able to reconnect with his colleagues in an open office environment, but also intends to «move to a hybrid model. Throughout HSBC «.

General Motors, MUFG and others are reducing real estate investment in favor of hybrid working models. This change is visible in most nations; even the European Central Bank has announced hybrid work plans.

Apple has clearly benefited from this trend, which means that personal and professional uses of the devices are still combined, because in most cases both take place on the same device.

I hope we have an understanding of how Apple sees this transformation at WWDC when we find out to what extent the following iterations of the company’s operating systems reflect this profound societal change.

Maybe the iPad pointer will develop at least one Mac cursor when used with an external mouse. Maybe Apple has deeper changes in mind to stimulate collaboration and communication. We should know more soon.