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Apple Configurator: How to Deploy iPads and IP Phones in Business

Apple Configurator: How to Deploy iPads and IP Phones in Business

Need to deploy multiple iPads or iPhones for staff? Did you give up bringing your own device? Want to give them the hardware, but make sure their line of business apps are there, updates are installed, and that you can control your devices properly? Look at Apple Configurator , a free download from the Apple Store.

This tool allows you to apply a wide range of configuration policies to mobile devices. You can decide to have a light touch, for example, you can apply mandatory updates, but allow users to choose their own apps and content from the App Store, or you can implement a stricter lock that might be more appropriate for a kiosk. medium or a class.

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This application has three main areas: Training devices allows you to manage your operating system, updates, applications and licenses; Monitoring devices gives you control over device groups that share common applications, settings, and profiles; y Device Assign allows you to create and manage users and groups, assign a monitored device to each user, back up and restore their content and settings, and distribute and recover documents.

At first glance, the application seems very easy to use, but it has a lot of depth. For example, you can import user and group information from an Open Directory server, and you can purchase collections of application licenses directly from Apple and then apply them to machines. You can control how machines are reset, deleted, and reconfigured, and you can apply a number of settings that a managed device requires in a business or educational context.

In the context of a business, you may want to create a set of policies that define Exchange ActiveSync, VPN tunnels, and Wi-Fi connection to your corporate network, and block the installation or removal of applications. You may want to pre-install a bunch of business line applications, some of which are internal to your organization. All that is required to apply these policies to each device is for the device to be connected via USB, which can be done individually or through a charging cart or a configuration station.

There’s a lot of power in the Apple Configurator, and if you’re responsible for multiple iOS devices, I suggest you take a look.