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Android What is the «Dianxin» folder on an Android mobile phone and what is it for? What happens if I delete it?

Android What is the "Dianxin" folder on an Android mobile phone and what is it for?  What happens if I delete it?

If you’ve explored your Android mobile phone and come across this curious Dianxin file And you don’t know what it’s about, and of course you want to know what will happen if I delete it, although we must always be careful when deleting any file on our device.

Because this could normally cause a large number of failures, of course, Android mobile phones are open source, meaning we allow modify and customize the terminal to your liking, in many cases we increase their capacity.

A practical example is when we optimize our Android for better gaming performance its customizable system, we can usually distinguish a number of people who use an Android for this reason.

Less knowledgeable users can do simpler things, such as changing or updating time, and could even learn to protect Android from hackers, as opposed to those in greater knowledge It is easy for them to perform other more complicated activities, such as unlocking an Android without knowing the password, among other things.

For them, whether you are an advanced user or not should know this Dianxin folder What it is and why it is and, of course, what will happen if I delete it, then here, in discovering how to do it, we inform you about the functions of this folder.

What is the Dianxin folder

It is a folder that takes care of saving update files, but it is important to note that it only harms certain brands and we can see it after a ROM update, also the most common models with this folder are Chinese brands and a few others, such as:

  • Chinese phones and tablets.
  • Sony xperia z.
  • LG phones.
  • BQ mobile phones.
  • Link.
  • Motorola.

What is the Dianxin folder for?

The Dianxin folder is used to save and store those files that are responsible for updating several programs and tools of the installed operating system, we can easily find this folder in the internal storage in the section «Miscellaneous and others» to the last on the list.

Normally many users who use applications that serve to view storage display this file of first choice, this has led users to wonder why this file with simple files sometimes weighs much more than 1 GB.

This is due updating files increases the weight from KB to GB causing them to confuse this folder with a virus, but it’s not about that, it’s about files growing in size due to constant updates.

What happens if I delete the Dianxin file

Absolutely nothing like that is, you can delete this folder and nothing harmful will happen For our Android mobile phone, on the contrary, if you have been with this folder for some time, updating all those files, they are probably already large, which would be of great benefit.

mobile file loadin dianxin for android

Furthermore it would free up a lot of space which will increase the speed of our mobile, giving us more storage space, which will allow us to save those files that could not be before, so great, do not hesitate and delete the Dianxin folder.

To be able to delete this folder, go to the section in «Storage» from settings or from an application that performs this function, then locate the section «Miscellaneous / Other» which is usually found at the end of the list or its adjacencies.

After locating the folder, select it and delete it if you have reached the folder in the settings, you may not be able to delete it, but don’t worry, just use a file search application, for example «File Manager».

Then repeat the search process and you will certainly be able to remove it without any inconvenience, in fact you will be able to notice the difference in our terminal and eventually it will be remove the storage issues you had.

We believe that with this information, you will become a user greater Android knowledge. Good luck!