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Android Studio Android SDK: How to install this software tool on mobile Welcome to the world of programming. If you start in …

Android Studio Android SDK: How to install this software tool on mobile Welcome to the world of programming.  If you start in ...

Welcome to the world of programming. If you’re just getting started in the world of Android, SDK will be your best ally. You should first know what each letter in the SDK means. Software development kit or its translation into Spanish Software Development Kit, which is nothing more than a set of development tools for Android, in this case, because it also works for systems such as MacOS, Windows, Linux, among others.

What is the main function of the Android SDK and what is it for?

The main function of the Android SDK is, without a doubt, to make your life as a developer or programmer easier. Then I would say that with these tools you can create Android apps without any hassle, because they bring a manual -documentation- that explains the operation of the code and each tool.

If you are interested in developing with the Android SDK, it would be good to download Android Studio, an integrated development environment (IDE) created by Google which, as its name suggests, is an interface that integrates all tools, documentation, lines control and an emulator for develop, test and run applications.

While it is true that no need to download Android Studio to get the Android SDK toolkit. However, it is considered the simplest and most practical way to do this. Otherwise, you can access the development kit through the command lines that you can download from the official website.

How to download Android SDK from Android Studio version?

download android sdk

If you have already downloaded the Android Studio integrated development environment for your operating system, whether for Windows, Chrome OS, Linux or Mac, install the Android SDK tools it is a fairly simple and quick procedure perform. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Android Studio IDE
  2. Once in the program, go to the top right and click the SDK Manager icon
  3. Following this action, a window or drop-down menu will open with all the kit tools at your disposal.
  4. Select the ones you think are necessary for your project and click install

What are Android SDK add-ons and packages?

In this development library you will find all the necessary tools carry out each phase of your project until final packaging. Each gives you the different functionalities that the job requires.

Android emulator

This tool is essential because it is common simulates different devices (without having them physically) on your computer when you test and run the application. Various models of Android phones and technological devices are included, each with its basic functions.

Android building tools

Compilation tools are essential in the process of developing your Android application, because they are responsible translate the code into the machine language so that it is understood by the Android device. For a perfect operation, it is better to have the tools updated with the latest version that you can download in the SDK Manager.

compilation tools

Android Platform – Tools

They are SDK toolkit which are adapted to the platform on which the application is developed. To achieve communication between the application and the platform, enter the process Android Debug Bridge (ADB), a tool that works as a debugging bridge with the device through the command lines. Then we find Fastboot which allows you to boot the device with an image. And finally, Systrace, which generates a report of the processes executed and synchronized in the system.

Android SDK documentation

When it comes to programming in the field of programming, it refers to the graphical and dynamic guide or manual that is included in the IDE, the Android SDK or any other program or system. In the documentation you will find the file the explanation of the code and the operation of each instrument.

Where to get additional templates to develop an application?

Android Studio brings with it a package of templates set to develop your applications, which is a good starting point. However, they can be very basic, as only a few general functions can be implemented. It doesn’t end there, you get more templates …

With CodeCanyon

A website to buy digital supplements, codes for different languages ​​and infinities of specialized templates on topics. It should be noted that, due to the full range of functions you have at your disposal, the time of each project would be simplified by a large percentage, do you want to let it pass?

sdk android on mobile

What actions does Android Emulator allow you to simulate for your applications?

As you read above, Android Emulator is a key tool for testing the application. With it, you can simulate actions like: make calls, send and receive text messages, run apps, configure settings, enter the Play Store and download the best Android apps, turn on device sensors, turn on GPS, and more. .

Useful libraries for Android compatible APIs

To know the useful libraries for APIs, it is necessary to define both concepts, because one depends on the other. Libraries are the set of codes to be programmed, while the API is the atmosphere or environment that allows the programmer to interact with the code and perform the functionalities of the application.

Android repository

It is a super useful library for all programmers, regardless of the field of application, because streamlines the activity and development of the application, due to the fact that it has a large number of files and codes compatible with the Android API and Google services.

Android support

It is another essential library when programming because it has embedded code libraries which are compatible with different versions of the Android API. Its operation is also based on the synchronization between the languages ​​of the device system and the interface.