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Android How to hide navigation buttons with GMD Imersive step by step Currently, we use many devices such as Android, which has …

Android How to hide navigation buttons with GMD Imersive step by step Currently, we use many devices such as Android, which has ...

Today, we use many devices such as Android, which has many advantages and is a communication tool. It is also used to investigate any type of topic using a browser, but it is common as when you perform a search. different buttons appear navigation, which were created to provide tools to users.

First, some people think these buttons even they are not useful and are usually annoying when performing any search. For this reason, below we will give you a guide to hide the navigation buttons using a program.

What is the way to download GMD Immersive?

First of all, it is necessary to know that GMD Immersive is a unique application that helps us to remove any button from our browser. To download it, we need to use a different type of app store, other than Play Store, because this app is not available in this store. That’s why you have to opt for Aptoids, which is a great alternative to downloading applications safely.

To do this, just enter your favorite browser and search for the word «Aptoide», in the search you will see several options, click on the first that appears. Then install this app store on your device, then access it and type in the GMD Inmersive search bar. Once we find the application, press the download button and we are waiting for this to be installed for a few minutes.

At the end of the installation, enter the GMD Immersive App, to make sure that the download has been done as you wish. It should be noted that in order to download this app store you need to have a fast internet, but if in your case you have a slow internet, try to solve this problem, before starting the download.

What is GMD Immersive mode on Android?

GMD Immersive is an application that allows us to remove the navigation bar and status bar from our Android mobile phone. Fortunately, this it has a very simple interface to use, with which in a short time we can carry out the desired process. In addition to the above, its download is completely free.

It certainly allows us to place the full screen, eliminating annoying navigation buttons. It also allows us customize the screen from our Android, but this last option is no longer free.

How to use immersive mode without being a root user?

Our Android device has a large number of specifications and features that make it unique. Also use a term called Root which allows us to obtain different permissions to execute commands from the operating system, ie to modify the system to our preference. This can become risky and confusing, fortunately, using GMD Immersive, we will not have to become a root user.

To use the various options on our device, we need to enter the previously installed application.

hides the captivating GMD buttons

So we’ll see different options, but what we have to press is the button at the top that indicates start and stop. Next to this button we can see three figures which indicates the options we can add. Essentially, these are: Expand the screen, hide the top of the notifications, and manage to change both bars.

So you can force full screen apps on Android

After activating the on and off button, we will have the application has started to use it on our device. On the left you will see several buttons, one of which indicates the function «Enlarge mobile phone screen», managing to hide the top of the instruments.

Tap this option and you will know that it is configured when a symbol appears above it. On the other hand, if you go to the «General» section, you can add different options which you use to edit the top bar. But, some of them are no longer free, so check carefully before applying them.

Finally, try to be careful when adding different options, as you may click on the wrong one. causing another type of action On your cell phone. Also, always choose to use the GMD Inmersive application, as it guarantees a safer process, avoiding the use of Root.