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Android How to enable USB debugging mode on Android from broken and black screen ADB

Android How to enable USB debugging mode on Android from broken and black screen ADB

The mobile phone has become more than a necessity for communicate with friends, relatives or contacts. It is an instrument with which we would feel disabled if it were a blunder.

Therefore, if the mobile screen is damaged, you may think that it would be unusable. But we want to tell you that this is not the case and that is why we will teach you how to enable USB debugging mode on Android from ABD with black or broken screen.

Indeed, it may seem unfortunate that the mobile screen through which we can see the data it contains is damaged or black. And you can activate the debug mode when it works perfectly. But it seems totally insane that this procedure can be done.

And you’ll start to wonder how this is possible, if our mobile screen has been turned off to show us data or images. But we can tell you that power is very easy enable USB debugging mode on Android from ADB. And that’s what we’re going to do in this article and you just have to follow it step by step.

Why turn on USB debugging mode

If you are already familiar with this term, you should know this when enable USB debugging mode you will be able to correct any computer problems that your mobile phone may have. Something, of course, very different from going into recovery mode on Android.

Because we will do it through the personal computer and using a support or a program that will facilitate the task of repairing our Android device. It won’t be long before we remind users to get used to it make a backup from the files you have on your device.

The PC will become the access door to enter the mobile phone, and the program will be the means by which we will check and resolve any faults in the installed application. Therefore, if The Android screen is broken or black it will not be an impediment to be able to make the necessary corrections from the comfort of our computer.

Steps to enable USB debugging mode on Android from ADB

It is important to know this when enable USB debugging mode from ADB on a device that has a black or broken screen. You need to be able to recover the data or information it contains, but at least the device will need to be turned on. Therefore, the first step is to check if it is turned on when connecting it.

Now toEnable USB debugging mode in ADB, we will need to download the ADB commands to our computer running Windows. And we will do this on the official Android page. Once this step is done, we need to install these commands on the computer.

fix broken Android screen

The next step will be to connect the mobile phone to the broken or black screen using a USB cable. Now we need to start the phone in recovery mode and to do this you will need to turn off the phone first and when you turn it on again you need to press the next set of keys «Turn on» «Turn on» «Turn up the volume» «Turn down the volume».

This way the device will enter the recovery mode, now we have to go to the PC and in the program we have to enter the following command “adb devices”. Then we enter another command and it is the following «pull ADB / data / media / ClockworkMod / backup ~ / Desktop / Android-up ”.

In this way, the extraction of data from our Android will be performed and we have to wait for the completion of the operation. Once it’s done, we just need to look it up on our computer «Recent files». Although it may seem like an easy task, it can be risky, so it’s important to follow the instructions in the letter.

This concludes this tutorial that taught you another important fact about your smartphone. And you managed to know how enable Android USB debugging mode on the black or broken ADB screen.