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Android How do I delete, uninstall, or delete multiple apps at once on my Android mobile

Android How do I delete, uninstall, or delete multiple apps at once on my Android mobile

There are times when, without realizing it, we install too many applications on our mobile device. If this is the case for you and you have a computer with enough capacity and resources, you may not have any problems with the number of applications you have installed. On some occasions, users have trouble uninstalling applications.

However, it is not highly recommended to keep too many applications installed, and less so when there are applications that you normally use, you should do them from time to time. The reason we tell you this is that these applications do not usually use too much consumes storage space. In addition, the cache will increase gradually until you reach the available storage space.

The only option you have is to delete all the data of those applications that you do not use or that are simply in each of them. It is true that doing this process manually takes little time, because in general we usually uninstall application by application. Want to know how to uninstall several at the same time? Keep reading and you will find out.

Is it possible to uninstall multiple applications without root?

Depending on the device you have on hand, you may not be allowed to uninstall multiple applications at the same time. In such cases, you will have to go application by application, although limiting, is aimed at non-root users.

It is important to know that, being a super user, you have the ability to remove or uninstall preinstalled Android applications. Although mobile phones now, they give you the ability to access features or settings that previously had to be a super user. These include the possibility batch deletion applications.

The clearest example we can give you according to the static ways we have given you is mid-range and high-end phones from the Xiaomi brand. These computers come with features that will allow you to delete multiple applications at the same time. Although this is a feature that other mobile phone brands are gradually implementing.

How can you uninstall apps on your Android device?

Use the functions of the native phone

This is the first option you should try. We tell you that because we don’t know what type of device do you have specifically, but it is likely that if you have a Xiaomi or Samsung you can uninstall applications this way.

The way to do this is to go to the phone office. There, you will tap on any available space on the screen. You will notice that the perspective will change in such a way that you can choose different applications. This feature will allow you to move applications, move them to a specific folder, and uninstall them from your system.

It will use the Play Store to perform uninstallations

Although it seems a bit obvious, many people with Android devices they are not aware of this specific function. It usually uses third-party applications to uninstall batch applications. But this is not necessary, because you would consume resources and dedicate a small storage space to those applications when you have a great alternative perfectly installed.

delete Android apps in series

To do this, you need to access the Google Play app, then access the app options and locate the My Apps in Game section. And there you will see several options, in your case it is enough to choose the option of installed applications and then touch the storage option.

If you have followed all these steps, you will notice that a number of lists will be displayed with all of them applications that are installed on your computer. As a kind of list, you will check those applications that you want to remove. You can try to completely uninstall the clean Master this way.

On the other hand, you could use third-party applications in order to be able to perform this operation. The good thing is that there are many options you can choose from in the Play Store. However, you should keep in mind that this will take up some space that you probably don’t have. Set this precise moment.