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Among us Crewmate Rescue funny game 2021

Searching Google Play, I found a very fun game and recently published, it goes without saying that I downloaded it to try it, I liked it so much that I will share it with everyone.

The game is called Among us Crewmate Rescue and consists in releasing the other passengers of the crew who fell into impostor trap, for this you have to manage and break the blocks around you captive comrades until they touch the ground.

In principle, the first 3 levels are extremely easy, but things change quickly and start to become harder every time with encerronas that will test the ingenuity and cunning of the player.

Based on the original game Among us but with a very different game mode, which makes it completely casual and ideal for wasting time while waiting, for example when traveling by bus, subway, etc., because it does not need a data connection or Wi-Fi we can close it and resume it without having to start over.

Among us Crewmate Rescue It is full of pleasant surprises and besides the fact that it is possible to play offline without the need for an internet connection, the game is very easy and does not consume any resources on our device. Battery, memory, data and other resources will not be affected either.

Over 25 different levels guarantee hours of play and fun.

Download Among Us Crewmate Rescue