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Amazon Prime Video How to put Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast? | Transmit easily and quickly Nowadays, many of the streaming platforms know the importance …

Amazon Prime Video How to put Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast?  |  Transmit easily and quickly Nowadays, many of the streaming platforms know the importance ...

Today, many streaming platforms know the importance of adapting to their new users. Because not all people want to watch their series or movies on their mobile device or computer. Because of this he also had to adapt to television screens familiar, now are smart TVs, because many users still prefer it.

Now, one of the platforms that understood this importance was Amazon Prime Video. Whereas previously this platform could be broadcast on TV with any device, but Chromecast was not one of them. Since then, the competition that existed between Google and Amazon has been quite complicated, which did not allow the combination of these services.

Therefore, in this article we will teach you how to put Amazon Prime Video on your Chromecast. You just have to follow all the steps that we will indicate very carefully, it is easy and fast.

How can I see if my Smart TV is compatible?

tv with amazon prime video

To know if you Smart TV is compatible with Amazon Prime Video, your computer needs to have the application installed. If you don’t have one, you need to have a platform similar to the Google Play Store or App Store. So with this, you can download it by accessing the application’s website. Once you download it, you can create an Amazon Prime video and enjoy all its content, such as series, videos, movies, among others. Similarly, after verifying that your Smart TV has the app, you must have a subscription to access it.

How can Amazon Prime Video be connected to Google Home?

If you want to connect Amazon Prime Video to Google Home, you need to consider certain recommendations. Basically you have to have Updated the Amazon Prime Video app and with the latest version. You also need to keep your Google Play services up to date so that everything works properly. Once you’ve installed this version, you need to make sure your Chromecast is set up correctly with the Google Home app. And now, you can continue to set up your Primen video account with your Chromecast.

  1. In principle, both the device and the Chromecast connected to the TV must have a WI-FI connection.
  2. Enter the Prime Video application and press the «Send» button.
  3. Select the Chromecast that you want to use to play the content.
  4. After the Chromecast connection is completed, the «Send» icon will not move. Now you need to select the movie or content you want to play. And voila, with these steps the playback of the video you chose will start.

Where does the Amazon Prime Video code go?

amazon video code prime on tv

You need to consider before creating an Amazon Prime account, it is available on various devices such as mobile phones, TVs, game consoles, Blu-Ray and streaming devices. But to connect the device to the platform, you need to go to its website and register it. For this you will be provided with a specific code that you need to enter on a website set by the page. And on some devices you will be shown the option to identify yourself and this will be enough to start enjoying its contents.

Is there a way to connect to my Chromecast if my device is incompatible?

Amazon Prime has many advantages, although in order to connect to Chromecast you still need an Android 6.0 device. In turn, iOS for iPhone or iPad requires a version 12.0 or higher. If your device does not have these features and is incompatible you will not be able to connect to your Chromecast.

Therefore, we recommend that before purchasing a device to which we want to connect a Chromecast, make sure that it is compatible. For this You should look at your operating system version Or on the manufacturer’s website.