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Amazon My Echo Dot flashes green – What it means and what you should do An Echo Dot is a small smart device that controls itself …

Amazon My Echo Dot flashes green - What it means and what you should do An Echo Dot is a small smart device that controls itself ...

An Echo Dot is a small smart device It is voice controlled and has a voice called Alexa VoiceService. This device is perfect for positioning anywhere in your home, because with it you can perform a large number of functions. Some people who start using this device do not know what each type of color it indicates means.

It is used in a very similar way to the voice assistance command of our mobile phones. But it is even better, because we can use it with an indispensable tool found anywhere in our house. For this reason, we will briefly explain everything related to Echo Dot colors.

What does each of the Echo Dot colors mean?

When you have a new device in our house, it is important to learn how to use it in any case when we need it. Echo Dot has a long catalog of colors which informs us about different types of important opinions.

Cyan blue rotating ring

One of the first colors which we see on the Echo Dot, is rotating cyan blue. Which indicates it’s starting. If this has not yet been configured, it will change color to orange indicating that it is completely ready for configuration.

blue color in echo point

Orange ring

There is also the orange color that shows that the device is in configuration mode or it is processed so that you can connect to the internet. To do this, make sure your Wi-Fi is connected properly and you know which Wi-Fi frequencies are the best.

Solid red ring

On the other hand, the continuous red light appears when we press the power button on or off the device microphone. Indicating that the microphone is offline and that the device cannot hear it.

Flashing yellow ring

There is also the yellow indicator, which usually appears a lot on devices because it indicates that you have a new message notification. If you want to know him, you just have to ask him: what notifications do we have?

White ring

This appears when you adjust the Echo Dot volume, which displays different volume levels with the help of white.

Vibrant purple ring

It usually appears when we have the word «Do Not Disturb» active, obtaining the fact that it indicates a purple color when make a request. Initially, in its main configuration, this color shows that there are problems with the Wifi network. Therefore, it is best to check your Wifi and resolve any authentication errors it has.

No lights

Basically, when you see that your device has its lights off, it’s because it’s off or you have no issues or notifications. He’s just waiting for a new signal.

echo point from amazon

Green ring

The moment of rotating the green light It tells us that there is an active call or an entry list available for you. A Drop in is a call made from any other connected device or from a friend who owns one.

What should I do if the Echo Dot has a flashing green ring?

It should be noted that if you happen to notice a flashing green light This is because you receive a call on your device. If you already have an active sound, you need to be sure if you want to answer the call or not. Because it may be an acquaintance or a call from a person you may not know.

To answer You will only need to say Answer the call, but if, on the other hand, you want to place it, you will need to say Close and check the voice history if an error has occurred. If you want, you can also answer the call with the help of Alexa.

In order to answer or end the call, you must do so you have the internet connectedOtherwise, the call cannot be made. You may be able to connect to Wifi if you do not have a password, you just need to make sure that it is activated.

How do I set up my Echo Dot for telephony and messaging?

Fortunately, Echo Dot includes a feature to make messages and calls that helps us easily communicate with other contacts.

echo point off

To configure this option is required have the Amazon Alexa app, which you can find in the app store of your mobile phone.

Either iOS or Android, having it, just enter it and go to the «Communication» section of this part, you can check all the information on your phone and you will accept the permissions to make calls and send messages. Also, if you want, you can use voice command and say Alexa, pair my cell phone. It will use the contact card to find all the people and you can call, import and contact list on demand. To be able to start a call, simply ask for it with the voice command saying that Alexa is calling the person and the exact name of the contact.