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Amazon My Echo Dot flashes blue – what does it mean and what should I do? If you have an Echo Dot and want to know what it means …

Amazon My Echo Dot flashes blue - what does it mean and what should I do?  If you have an Echo Dot and want to know what it means ...

If you have an Echo Dot and want to know What does the flashing blue light mean? Well, here we will explain quickly so that you know how to use the device correctly.

We must remember that for each of these cases, it is necessary for our device to be connected to a Wi-Fi network at home, you need to make sure that you do not have authentication errors. Well, this would make our device malfunction. In this way we can see each example that we will show below.

Why doesn’t my Echo Dot react when I talk to him?

If the Echo Dot is defective, it may be caused by a malfunction of an external environment, you must remember that they always work with a WIFI network. An example of this is that the internet network we use is damaged or poorly connected. To check this, you simply need to enter the Echo app to check if you have a good internet connection.

Something to remember is that if the device is too far from the signal transmitter, may fail because of its darkness. You also need to make sure that you use the correct words when talking to Echo Dot. This is because if you set up other words and don’t say them correctly, they won’t be able to hear you.

Another common reason for this failure is that Dot has an object that you prevent the sound from healing. It can be a wall, a device, or anything else that can block the audio input of the device.

flashes blue light echo point

Finally, you can check energy supply from Dot, this factor can be very important and if you have doubts, then you should go to a certified place to check the status of the power supply.

This point is important because if the power supply is defective The echo will not work well or flat will not activate. In most cases, this is usually represented by a specific color on the device, so it’s important to know what each color means.

What do all the colors on Echo Dot mean?

The colors in Echo work as in any aspect of the world, try it give one signal or make an announcement. For this reason, each color in Echo Dot represents a different action and if we had problems, it is best to pay attention to these colors.

No lights

The most common thing to see in Echo is that it has no light on, it simply means that the device is in suspension. This is why it turns off any light to avoid unnecessary power consumption, similar to what Amazon Prime Video devices do when no one uses them.

Yellow ring

The yellow glow is what tells us we have one or more alerts to watch, these notifications can be stored for quite some time until we look at them. To access them we can use the mobile application Echo or simply tell them that we want to hear what’s new.

dot echo flashes red light

Red ring

On the other hand, if our Echo has a red ring and also does not obey our commands, then it means that the device is deafening. This means that you have both the microphone and the speaker turned off.

Blue ring

Echo’s blue tone can mean a number of things, however they are all part of the same process. When the device turns on this light it means that he listens to us and that it does everything necessary to process our order. This process is very similar to what happens when we use the voice assistant on our phone. This color will remain until the operation is completed.

Pulsating green ring

Also, if our Dot has a pulsating green alert, then it means we a call is coming. So we can reject him or ask who he is before he answers. These calls can only be received from contacts registered in the device database.

White ring

Another tone we can see in Dot is white, it will appear when we are raising or lowering the volume of the same and is indicative in this respect.

Cyan ring rotating

If we talk to our device and see that it projects a constantly rotating cyan tone, then our device will be in Do Not Disturb mode. So in order for it to work, we will have to eliminate this mode first.

Orange ring

When our terminal uses orange light, it means it is trying to establish the connection with our internet network.

amazon echo dot flashes blue

If this light is prolonged for a long time, it is best to restart it or restart the router.

Purple ring

Finally, and as a consequence of the previous one, if Echo lights up a purple light, will mean that you cannot connect to the network, this error usually occurs when there are network problems, but can be resolved quickly via our mobile phone.

How do I set up Echo Dot for voice commands?

Although most Features Echo Dot They are through voice commands, there are still some that you can program for this. This is done through the Dot mobile app and the first thing we will have to do is open it and go to the handsfree section.

Here we can activate the complete voice control and activate or deactivate the desired functions.