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Amazon Kindle How to Read Kindle Books on My Computer – Complete Usage Tutorial You’ve probably heard how popular it is …

Amazon Kindle How to Read Kindle Books on My Computer - Complete Usage Tutorial You've probably heard how popular it is ...

You have probably heard the popularity of e-books, also called e-books, Amazon has decided to enter the market and offer you its own device called, Kindle, brings functions similar to a traditional tablet, but whose the main function is the book reader.

With the passage of time and the success of this device, the company has managed to move forward with software updates, so much so that it has managed to turn it into a mobile application and a desktop program. In this section we will show you how to access the desktop program so that you can still discover those stories. no Kindle device required.

What operating systems are supported for the Kindle desktop version?

Currently, Kindle for PC or Mac is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 8, 8.1, 10, and OS x 10 or later, respectively.

It should be noted that if you want to download the application to an operating system before the indicated ones, such as Windows 7, the application will have performance errors.

Procedure for installing the Kindle application on a computer

First we enter the chosen browser, access the main page of the Amazon Kindle, where we can see that it shows us the versions in which the application is available.

We select download for PC or Mac, when we download and install it on our computer, we click on the application icon and it will ask us to connect with our Amazon user data, when we access, our account information and library .

How do I connect my Kindle account to my computer?

With the above, when you download and install the Kindle app, when you log in, all our data and files in our library will be automatically synced.

How do I start using Kindle on my computer?

As already clarified at the time of connection, will redirect us to our personal library With all the books we have downloaded, in the top corner will be the button to access the Kindle store, just double-clicking on the book we want to read, it will open.

Some of the options we can find in the application toolbar are:

  • Full screen
  • Display the text in 2 columns
  • Change the font size
  • Font color
  • Create notes
  • Word finder

Activate offline mode

A way that Amazon offers you as an alternative keep reading your books without the need for an internet connection is, Kindle Cloud Reader, which is a browser application.

When you log in for the first time, it will ask you to sign in with your Amazon account, to sync your library, and to be able to download the books you want. a good alternative if you do not want to download the application for PC or Mac.

Abbreviation Kindle Cloud Reader

Customizing your Kindle Cloud Reader

Being similar to the application for PC or mobile phones, it brings with it the options of bookmarks, the last page read, notes, texts, as well as the possibility to adjust the brightness of the screen and its appearance, which is in the toolbar.

Can Kindle books be read on a PC without installing the app?

With the above, the company gives us the opportunity to continue to enjoy its content through Kindle Cloud Reader, which does not require installation or download of programs, because it is a browser application that keeps your information in the cloud.