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Amazon How to sell products on Amazon and create your virtual store Amazon is one of the most popular stores on the market …

Amazon How to sell products on Amazon and create your virtual store Amazon is one of the most popular stores on the market ...

Amazon is one of the most popular stores in the e-commerce market, which makes it an opportunity to consider if you want to sell online you can also reach hundreds of thousands of customers and grow your business exponentially.

how to grow your business with Amazon

What are the sales plans, features and rates that Amazon offers?

The cost of starting your business on Amazon will depend a lot on the sales plan you choose, the logistics management strategy, the product category, among others. Fortunately, the options are very flexible, here we offer them, choose the one that suits you best.

Individual plan

The individual sales plan gives you access to a set of basic tools for publishing and managing your orders, sellers of this plan can create records by associating their products with pages that already exist in the Amazon catalog or by creating new pages. Amazon sets delivery rates and delivery services that users of this plan can offer to their buyers, it should be noted that the Amazon fee is paid only when know makes the purchase of a product successful.

The individual plan has the following characteristics:

  • You can add new products to the Amazon catalog
  • You can grow your Amazon logistics business.
  • Perfect if you only sell a few items a month
  • A bit limited, but still allows you to promote articles
  • Allows you to use the Amazon FBA service
  • 0.99 for each sale in addition to referral fees

Professional plan

With the professional sales plan you will have to pay a monthly subscription cost to access the various batch file upload tools and to manage your orders, it should be noted that the monthly subscription fee is non-refundable whether or not you get sales.

It has the following features:

  • You have the ability to activate promotions, gift services and other features.
  • You can manage your inventories by adding spreadsheets, files, professional reports.
  • Create new product pages in the Amazon catalog
  • Manage your orders through reports and related files
  • You can use the Amazon marketplace to upload files and run other API features.
  • You can compete for Buy Box with your registrations.
  • It costs $ 39.99 per month, excluding referral fees

find out how to boost your business with Amazon

How do I get an advertising guide on Amazon?

It should also be noted the importance of having a business strategy and knowing what a marketing plan is and what it is for and how it can be increase the visibility of your products exponentially.

The advantage of using the Amazon platform to sell products online is the support offered by the company their private sellers, as such, have taken the initiative to design a guide to answer the most frequently asked questions about ads and sponsored stores, know this guide in depth

What categories of referral fees does Amazon have?

As I clarified at the beginning, Amazon has a low cost of referral fee, this applies to every item sold and the amount of that tax will depend very much on the category in which that product is found. We will detail them in detail below.

How do logistics management fees work for my products?

Logistics management fees cover the cost of storing products, receiving, preparing and shipping orders. To apply a cost, the company uses a parameter in the package size levels (envelope and standard) in addition to taking into account its weight.