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Amazon How to check your Amazon Fire Stick history quickly and hassle-free First of all, Amazon Fire Stick is a special device for …

Amazon How to check your Amazon Fire Stick history quickly and hassle-free First of all, Amazon Fire Stick is a special device for ...

First of all, the Amazon Fire Stick is a special device to add to our TV, which allows us play multimedia content. Also, the possibility to have different platforms, such as Netflix, from the comfort of our TV. Certainly, this is one of the most popular options to be able to have more functions and programs on our TV.

Therefore, since we can view a wide variety of content, we need to be able to review our history. Because, it is very useful to remember something forgotten and Amazon has the exact option to do so. Below, we will indicate all the information you should know.

Why should I check my Amazon Fire Stick history?

There are currently many programs that we can watch daily, some of which we see and do not pay attention to. You may have fallen asleep while watching it, if this is your case, constantly check your history is an excellent option. You also need to do this for various factors that appear in your home, such as:

Different people use the same device

It is very common to find in our house more inhabitants who use this device where they can see different content. However, they may see content that is not appropriate in your home or that violates the rules of the same.

Once you review the history, you will be able to confirm that nothing inappropriate is seen, with this you will also realize keep an eye on your children. In order not to see inappropriate content, that’s why you can make the decision to set up parental control on our TV.

You may come across a forgotten memory

Another great advantage of the constant revision of our history is in the case we forget the name about content we loved and want to revisit. This also allows you to remember the exact episodes of a show that you didn’t pay much attention to.

How is an account connected to Amazon Fire Stick?

When we first start using our Fire Stick device it will ask us to connect our account. This way, we’ll have to sign in to our Amazon account; To complete this process, you must first have an Amazon account by logging on to its website. Therefore, if you have already created it, we will press on our TV where it says «Register» when you press the option, it will ask us to enter the email and password.

Once we sign in to our Amazon account later, we can check the history with the help of this. If you have a problem or question with registration, you can contact Amazon customer service.

What is the correct way to remove an article from the history?

It should be noted that this process can be a bit tiring or confusing, fortunately Amazon houses every story of the things we view.

amazon fire stick control

Definitely, if in your case you just want to delete a specific content you need to do the following:

Select the items you want to remove

The first thing you need to do is go to the «Movies» tab that appears on the Fire Stick home screen. Then scroll through the list to find the exact option you want to remove, then press the «Delete» option.

In the same way, you will have to look for other options that you want to delete and repeat the action. In order to achieve this option it is necessary use control and you have your device connected to the internet.

How do I completely delete my Amazon Fire Stick history?

On the other hand, if you want to completely delete the history and you don’t have to delete any items, you need to follow another type of procedure. As a result, when you completely delete your history, you should know that you will no longer be able to find this information; to do this, do the following:

Preview the entire history

Go directly to your computer’s browser and sign in to Amazon. When you access your account, you need to access the «Account and list» section at the top. Then you need to click on the first video in the menu that will be displayed; enter the settings found in the top corner.

In this section you will select the option for ‘View history’, then click the button that displays your viewing history. In this area you will be able to view all the programs and movies you have watched, finally click on the link under the video name to remove it.