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Amazon Alexa How to play an Amazon Echo podcast with Alexa in a simple way Alexa, the voice service offered by Amazon, …

Amazon Alexa How to play an Amazon Echo podcast with Alexa in a simple way Alexa, the voice service offered by Amazon, ...

Alexa, voice service offered by the company Amazon, which simulates a real conversation, but being developed through voice commands, taking into account that the activation mode is by saying his name.

A technology that helps you connect to a variety of products, from lighting devices, playing an audio book or e-book to ordering a food order, Alexa becomes an ideal companion to make your day easier.

It’s worth adding a feature that makes it attractive, it is connect to a variety of streaming services To play your favorite music library and podcasts, they are activated through commands that we will teach you in this post.

What podcast services are available on Alexa?

With the update that came to the Alexa service in December 2019, users have realized this the emergence of new media for applications streaming that were not in it and some of them are:

Amazon Music

The streaming service offered by Amazon, which has a wide variety of content, will be found by pre-selection in the Alexa application, as a player for our music library and podcast programs.


Spotify, a streaming service giant, well known and used by many today because it is one of the ones we can find in a wide variety of positives, joins this technology to continue listening to our favorite podcast.

Apple podcasts

Another great streaming service is Apple, being one of the most limited in terms of access, but which contains a large podcasting section, joins us with this update, which we will be allowed to associate with Alexa technology .


Pandora, the streaming radio and music service, a big competitor to the aforementioned services, joins this Alexa technology to offer users a new way to enjoy their services.

How do I select a default music and podcast service?

To select our preferred streaming service, we’ll need to download it to our mobile device Alexa application, then go to the next steps:

  • We see the «More» button at the bottom of the main page, we press it.
  • Select the settings and press the «Music and podcast» option.
  • We will notice the list of services we will have available, we will choose the one we want to associate with Alexa.
  • When the next screen loads us, we click «Activate usage», then it will load a page to connect to that platform and give us the opportunity to associate it.
  • We’ll go back to the «Music and Podcast» menu and select the streaming service we want as the default in «Default Services.»

To ask Alexa to play a podcast

Given the above considerations, in order for Alexa to play the podcast on the streaming service we select, we must perform the procedure with simple commands, some of them are:

amazon podcast streaming service

  • Alexa launches «Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe» podcast
  • Alexa, pause
  • Alexa, continues the episode of «We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle»
  • Alexa, the next or previous episode of «We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle.»
  • Alexa, what’s the name of this podcast?

Can podcasts be added to Amazon Echo Skills?

A way to get there those podcasts that are unique, individual and on-site At this time, through skills, which you can find in the same Alexa application, how to activate them is as follows:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the application and click «More».
  • Select «Skills and games», then click «Categories» – «Music and audio».
  • We can watch the podcasts dedicated to a skill, we choose the one that attracts our attention the most and we press it.
  • It will direct us to the skills services page, click on «Activate» to join our compilation and we can listen to it.