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Aluminum openings, tips to remember

Aluminum openings, tips to remember

openings, if we make a comparison, they are one of the most expensive elements of reforms or constructions, depending on the selected material, the value varies.

This time we will see the tips to consider if they are chosen aluminum openings. From the types of glass available to the types of openings we can find.

Aluminum openings: glass

The choice of a type of glass depends on the location of the window, also if security, privacy, isolation, etc. are required.

There are many varieties of glass, such as laminates, floats, tempered, among others. In a previous post we saw the existing types of blinds for construction, but we can briefly highlight:

DVH or Hermetic thermal insulation glass

It has an air chamber placed between two glasses, which makes it an excellent acoustic and thermal insulator.

It is the most economical solution when it is necessary to acclimatize the environments and reduce the temperature loss. Helps save up to 50% on heating and / or cooling costs.

On the other hand, they do not generate condensation, which helps maintain the integrity of the elements inside the house, as well as a clear view of the outside.

Laminated glass

It is a glass used for safety and protection. It has a PVB sheet in the middle of two layers of glass.

It is also an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, comes in a variety of thicknesses.

Floating glass

It is a transparent flat glass with flat and parallel faces, allows coloring or reflective coating to prevent the entry of sunlight.

Types of aluminum openings depending on the movement of the leaf

  • To open: rotate on their vertical axis in the direction of the interior or exterior.
  • Sliding: moves horizontally on two guides located at the top and bottom.
  • Ventlight: rotates on the upper horizontal axis, outwards.
  • Banner: This leaf rotates on the lower horizontal axis inwards.
  • Mobile: the wing rotates on the movable horizontal axis and moves vertically outwards.
  • Oscillating: it is able to rotate on a lateral vertical axis, in combination with a lower horizontal axis, and both do it outwards.
  • Guillotine: the sash is moved vertically on the side guides.
  • Parallel sliding: the wing rotates on the lower horizontal axis in combination with a horizontal translation parallel to the fixed panel, heading inwards.

When we are in front of a window or a sliding door, the leaf passes over the other horizontally, this is the most used shape, but depending on the design used, it can carry more leaves on the guide, thus allowing a free space for passage.

It is the most suitable aluminum opening for barbecue areas, where it is necessary to have a completely free space outside.

The ideal is to have the advice of a specialist, because he will know how to indicate the most suitable type of opening, as well as the material depending on the characteristics of the house and the environment.

Source: Aberlux

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