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Aluminum lock

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We tell you everything you need to know aluminum door locks: from the various models that exist to their installation.

Why use aluminum doors and what should your locks look like?

Aluminum doors are very common in homes and offices. They are used both indoors and outdoors. That’s why you can find them in:

  • Toilets.
  • Closets.
  • Wardrove.
  • Test booths.
aluminum lockAluminum lock

But they are also used as exterior doors and even as a main door. So don’t be surprised to find any of these doors on the front of a residence, replacing the classic handle lock.

Although very common, sliding, sliding or sliding aluminum doors, in the style of French doors, we will focus on doors with conventional opening.

Aluminum doors: their features and locks

Aluminum is a material with certain peculiarities, therefore the doors that are made with it and a very distinctive feature of most aluminum doors that you will find is that they usually have glass.

aluminum sliding door lockAluminum sliding door lock

And to be, practically, a French doors work as a frame. This information is important because it tells us what type of lock we can use on these aluminum doors. Locksmiths in Madrid know this type of door well, because they are very common in villas.

Types of locks for aluminum doors

If it is a conventional aluminum door with opening (not sliding, not foldable), but a door single leaf swing or folding, Like the doors of most buildings, the lock that is commonly used is a special type of aluminum door lock known as the door. hook lock.

The hook lock is perfect for aluminum doors, as it meets all the characteristics to provide safety, while respecting the size of its frame and leaves.

aluminum lockAluminum lock

This type of aluminum door lock is also known by expert locksmiths as picoloro locks.

Aluminum door locks are essentially metal profile door locks.

They are single point locks.

This means that it creates a single anchor point between the door and the frame, so if you want to give the doors more security, it is recommended that you install two instead of just one.

How to make a safer aluminum door with single point locks

Some owners even install three metal-locked locks on aluminum doors for added security. Thus, the locks are distributed as follows:

  • main lock, located at the conventional height, with the respective button or lever to open from the outside.
  • lower rear lock, which is installed about 70 cm from the main lock and strengthens the door close to the floor and prevents the door from opening.
  • upper rear lock, is also installed 70-80 cm away from the central lock and, in addition to preventing the door from opening, prevents the attacks of the sledgehammer who want to break the central lock of the aluminum door.
change the aluminum door lockReplace the aluminum door lock

With this distribution of aluminum door locks, your property will be safer.

Other ways to increase the security of aluminum locks

To increase the level of protection that these locks offer, we recommend:

  • Install magnetic shields, such as those from DISEC, that will protect your door from most methods of breaking doors used by criminals, such as lifting and the frightening forced blow.
  • Adapts cylinders or high security cylinders such as Abloy Protec.

How to install a lock on an aluminum door step by step

If you want to know how to install a lock on an aluminum door, in this section we explain the process step by step.

fasten the aluminum door lockSecure the aluminum door lock

The materials and tools you will need to install a lock on your single-leaf aluminum door are:

  • Drill: it is recommended to have several bits of different sizes.
  • Saw – It may not be necessary if the door already has side holes.
  • Screwdrivers.

In addition, of course, you will need metal profile locks for your aluminum door, with all its accessories and screws.

Remember to always take safety precautions into account when working with tools such as drills and chainsaws.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Assess the condition of the aluminum door

This step is vital because we need to evaluate the conditions of the door and the type of lock installation we need to do.

Installing a single center lock is not the same as installing three.

aluminum door lockAluminum door lock

If you need to install a main lock plus two additional locks, you need to make sure that the aluminum door has side holes for the second and third locking.

Step 2: Prepare the holes for the installation of the main lock

In the rare case that the new cylinder and the metal profile lock fit perfectly into the hole that comes with the door, you can skip this step and move on to the next one.

But, if this happens to you the most, when you install a lock on an aluminum door, you need to enlarge the holes, then take your drill and start drilling.

aluminum terrace door lockAluminum terrace lock

The idea here is to make room for the cylinder.

But you should also check if the lock fits perfectly on the edge of the door. If it also happens to you that there is not enough space on the edge of the aluminum door, you will have to use your saw.

Step 3: Install the main lock

When the holes are ready, you just need to fix each piece in place.

Start with the lock and then with the drum.

Test the lock thoroughly before screwing everything on.

Then install the shields and handlebars.

Once the parts are in place, you just need to screw them on.

If you want a single door lock, then we’re done.

Now, if you are going to install two additional locks on your aluminum door, we are still working.

Step 4: (if you need to install additional locks)

All you have to do is measure the locks with one extra point and decide how big you are going to install them.

aluminum sliding door lockAluminum sliding door lock

Now you need to repeat each of the steps, ie:

  • Open the holes.
  • Suitable parts
  • Screw.

In addition, you will need to cut holes in the frame so that the latches for the extra locks fit snugly.

And so we install a single-point lock (with additional fittings) on a single-leaf aluminum door. We hope you enjoy this step by step.