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Alternative to get the ROM of a mobile phone

Alternative to get the ROM of a mobile phone

You were one of the many users who they cannot find or download a copy of the firmware for their mobile phonesDepending on the brand of mobile device in question, there are manufacturers that offer an official page to download the rom, patches, etc., but many others do not consider such a possibility, do not even request it by e-mail. .

After visiting every corner of the net and visiting hundreds of fake pages that deceive you a thousand times, you end up giving up the idea that you will never be able to get a copy of the memory on your smartphone or tablet.

That’s when you should «change your chip» and start thinking that there may be a solution beyond looking for a download link, what if I told you that your long-awaited movie on your mobile phone has always been in front of you and all you need to do is remove it from your device?

That’s right and in this tutorial I will help you so that you can remove firmware from your mobile phone or even complete rum.

Do you have to be rooted to get the rum on your phone?

NO, in fact one of the main goals is extract the boot.img file from the phone to be able to apply the root patch with MTKroot or directly with Magisk.

Can I also delete the recovery.img file?

Besides, you can extract the full rom, including the scatter.txt file for Mediatek devices.

What’s the trick?

None, if you have a mobile device and want to get the firmware it’s as easy as creating a backup, or even easier.

What are the advantages of removing rom from the device compared to downloading it?

If you manage to download the rom of a mobile device whose manufacturer does not offer support for download, it is probably an outdated version, not to mention that it could include some unpleasant surprises.

On the other hand, and considering that there are usually several versions under the same model of the same smartphone or tablet, you have a good chance of using a wrong fimware application and washing the device. If we add to this the impossibility of obtaining an original and functional rom, the result is a deactivated and unrecoverable device.

Another advantage of this process for removing firmware from the phone, is that you do not need root, it is free and very easy to use.

What do I need to get the firmware on my smartphone?

This question could undoubtedly be added to the previous one due to the advantage of the reduced process requirements:

  1. Mobile phone or tablet.
  2. A USB cable.
  3. A computer with any Windows.
  4. Install the USB and ADB or VCOM and ADB drivers for Mediatek. At this point, I recommend that you install our MTKroot utility for Windows, as it has all the updated drivers and is easy to install.

So, now you just have to follow a few simple steps and I assure you that they are very easy, but instead of expanding further with this article, I will take advantage of the video tutorial I made and uploaded it to YouTube channel, so so you can complete the rest step by step and more completely.