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Airbnb In a £ 160 million bid to buy luxury withdrawals

Airbnb In a £ 160 million bid to buy luxury withdrawals

With rumors about an imminent public listing, the Airbnb shared housing platform wanted to expand its user base and revenue sources. enter Luxury retreats , a Montreal-based luxury Airbnb company involved in a state-of-the-art deal with its ubiquitous competitor.

While most people’s experience with Airbnb extends, for example, to renting a shabby-chic apartment in East Berlin, these homes will offer a luxurious alternative to their affordable homes to a large extent (largely). full of stars, such as the infamous Necker Island, plus a villa owned by Francis Ford Coppola.

What gives Luxury Retreats an advantage over the competition is their self-proclaimed practice of examining properties («care» for the knowledgeable), which gives them a brighter, more manually-selected feel. Joe Poulin, CEO and co-founder of Luxury Retreats, said the following about it: «You can’t load a property and leave. Our problem is that we have a little more control. It is not completely peer-to-peer, because we certify all the properties. We need to stimulate high-level business The luxury is not for sale, it is delivered ”.

And while the company’s policy of operating at a 20% commission («in some cases a little more») may seem excessive, it’s almost equal to the total commission earned by Airbnb when a property is listed on its website: Airbnb charges about 5% for the lister, then up to 12% for the guest, with cleaning fees added later.

Rumors of a public listing for Airbnb have surfaced in the news that the company has raised nearly $ 3 billion (£ 2.4 billion) and in the summer of 2016 filed a lawsuit to raise $ 850 million (680 million). million pounds) to $ 30 billion (GBP 24 billion). ) evaluation. Meanwhile, Luxury Retreats isn’t doing too badly; TechCrunch inform that the company raised $ 16 million (£ 12 million) in funding and that it had been profitable for years.

With the agreement reported in the final stages, it won’t be long before Airbnb sells areas of the sweet island in the Indian Ocean. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it seems that the two nights in a studio in Copenhagen will no longer be enough. Hell, Airbnb and your entrepreneurial ways, not to mention the expansive ones.

Picture: Mac Quin used under Creative Commons