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Adobe How to color in Adobe Illustrator, the best methods and tools. [ GUÍA ] Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic design software or tool …

Adobe How to color in Adobe Illustrator, the best methods and tools. [ GUÍA ]
Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic design software or tool ...

Adobe Illustrator is software or tools for graphic design vector that allows you to create everything a little, for example: Illustrations for books, graphics for websites, icons and logos. This is graphic design tool more complete and professional, because it offers different painting methods and different brushes, with which you can get different finishes. Below we will show you how to use this illustrator optimally.

Adobe Illustrator it is not just a tool that allows you paint, draw and create objects from scratch, it also gives you the option to work with images and edit them to your liking to achieve any type of project.

What painting methods can I find in Adobe Illustrator?

Among all its tools and options, Adobe Illustrator offers its users two methods of painting, Which are:

  • Assign a completion, a shot or both options for an entire object.
  • Convert a given object to a set of Interactive painting and assign fillings or lines to all edges and faces of paths.

Assign a completion

This function is performed after you have drawn an object, because then you can assign a fill, a line, or both. After he had the main object you can draw similar objects by overlapping them to the previous ones, so that it can be viewed as a collage made with paper cuttings.

It should be noted that the final result will depend on how you placed the overlapping objects.

With interactive painting tool

Now interactive painting tool It gives you the option to visualize the finishes of your painting as if it were a natural color, meaning it is a more fluid and natural tool. In addition, this tool allows you to draw different lines and apply different colors to each area included in each line.

On the other hand, you also have the option to add different colors and thicknesses to the lines; The end result of your drawing will be similar to that of a color card, because each face and each edge will have a different color.

finger of the screen how to color the filling stroke with adobe

What is the difference between a color fill and a line?

Now, we will explain the difference between a color fill and a line.

  • The filling is a gradient, a pattern or color, is inside the drawing. You can also apply fillers to open or closed objects, as well as to the faces of groups you have made with interactive paint.
  • It would be a stroke visible contour of your drawing and also the edge of an interactive painting group. It is important to note that you can change the color and width of a line; Likewise, you can make discontinuous movements using the path options and also paint more stylized movements using the brushes.

What are the filling and line tools and how to use them?

The buttons used to control filling and stroke are available in the Properties> Tools> Control and Painting sections on the toolbar, located on the left on the screen, where you will find the following buttons:

Fill button

Used to select a color for the fill.

Race button

With it you can choose a color for the race.

Swap button

Used to change different colors between filling and stroke.

Color button

It is used to apply a solid color to a selected object with a gradient fill or also to a non-fill line.

Gradient button

It will be useful for changing the fill of a selected line.

adobe guide coloring tool panel

No buttons

With this button you will be able to remove the fill or hit of a certain object.

Default button

With this option you can only choose to recover the original colors of your object, ie the white background and the black line.

The first thing we need to explain to understand a little filling and the line is the color tools, because in the panel you will find two squares, which by default, one will come out with a white filling and the other with a black outline. The white fill is to apply one fill color to your object, and the other is to apply the line or outer line color to the object.

For change the fill color just select the object and click on the color tool (which comes in white by default).

And to change the outline in the same way, you need to select the object and click on the option below the tool to change the fill color (the one with a black outline).

Now, to change the fill color and race, you need to select the two arrows next to the options we explained earlier, when you do this, the colors are changed automatically.

On the other hand, to set the background of a transparent object, you need to select the fill option and then you need to click the none button, and voila !, you will have your transparent shape.

laptop housing methods

And, to remove the color from the contour, you need to fill your shape and then go to the contour tool to give a click the none button.

What are the steps to apply a fill color to an object?

First of all it is important to know that you can add a pattern, gradient or color to a complete object or you can use interactive paint groups and apply different colors to the object’s faces. Here’s how to add color to an object:

  • The first step is select the object you want to fill.
  • Locate the fill box in the toolbar.
  • Now you have four options to select a fill color, which are:
  1. You can click a color that is in the control panels (Color, Samples, Gradients, and Sample Library)
  2. Click the fill box, and then select a color from the color picker.
  3. Now, choose a dropper in Windows you have to press and click; for macOS, you need to click «Option» and click on a specific object to apply a color to the fill.
  4. Finally, you can click the none button to remove the fill from your object.

Steps to apply a line color

On the other hand, to add color to a stroke, you need to do the following:

  • First you need to select the object.

you have an illustrator fill stroke guide

Note: If you want to select a border that belongs to a Live Paint group, you must use the tool «Selection of interactive painting».

  • Now you need to select the Stroke tool from the toolbar.
  • Finally, you need to choose the color from the Color panel or a specimen from the Specimens Panel.

Is it possible to convert a stroke into a compound path and how to do it?

Of course, it is possible convert a stroke into a compound stroke, performing this process is a way to change the contour of a stroke. Then we teach you how to do this process:

  • First, select the object.
  • As a second step, you need to select the options in the dashboard Object> Path> Contour Path.
  • The composite path resulting from this action is grouped with the object to be filled.

What are the guidelines for the Smudge brush tool?

  • This tool is used to combine paths with other tools.
  • If you want to combine paths, they must be stacked together.
  • When drawing paths with this tool, the new paths are merged with the upper paths.
  • With the help of the Stain Brush, create paths with filling, but without a hit.
  • To add an effect or transparency With this tool you need to select the brush and then define the desired effect.