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Adobe Acrobat How to change the password of a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC To change the password of a PDF document you need to open …

Adobe Acrobat How to change the password of a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC To change the password of a PDF document you need to open ...

For change the password for a PDF document You need to open the Adobe Acrobat Pro program and locate your document, then click «Open» and enter the password for it, click accept and we will be inside the file.

You will be able to see a padlock on the left side of the protected document, keep clicking on it, then «Permission Details» in the window that opens, click «Change Settings» at this time you will respect the security details.

Also, at the top of the window where it says «Request a password to open the document», we need to delete the password and write a new one. I mean, right here is where you can change the open key of the document. By clicking accept, you must confirm that the password is correct.

After confirmation, the Adobe Acrobat Pro program will display a window, where you can enter another passwordThis will be for the file permissions, because, as you know, there are two, one to open the document and the other to change its security permissions.

pdf file folders with access key

This way you can add a password to a PDF file

If you have a Word file and convert it to PDF to put a password or you simply have a PDF document that you want to protect, you need to put an opening key or, if you want, a edit restriction.

You should know that this applies to images, documents and even PDF forms. So the first thing you should do is:

Open the file

To open a PDF file on your computer you need run the Adobe Acrobat Pro program, locate the file you want to add a password and open it, in the upper left corner you will see the option «File» then where it says «Open» and the Windows search window will appear, browse the hard drive looking for the document, select it and you give him to accept.


Then we change the permissions, for this go to the «tools» tab and locate the option «Protect», a bar will appear with several options at the top of the file, including «Password protectionYou will notice two methods, one for viewing or opening the file, the other for editing.

Choose your favorite and write a new password, and at the bottom write it again, this is to check the writing. In other words, the first key you copied is correct, then click «Apply», the program will display a confirmation that everything was done correctly.

the person authorizes the use of the pdf file

What is the way to restrict the editing of a PDF file?

In the process of awarding password for the PDF documentYou can find the option to «restrict editing», in this menu you have to choose between printing or copying, regardless of the method you choose, the process is the same. Then:


The printing restriction allows you to decide who can print the documentIt also gives you the option to block the printing of images smaller than 150 dpi, you should know that if you use this option, it is only compatible with higher versions of Acrobat Reader 5. When a document is printed with this restriction, its output it will be slower because you choose which image is allowed.

You can also choose high resolution images, this allows users to print only vector images compatible with certain types of printers and, finally, those used, which is «None». In other words, no user will be able to print the PDF document if they do so by means other than the Adobe software industry.


You can restrict a document for viewing, but the person cannot copy its contents, this configuration is done from «Limit editing”, And thus no user will be able to extract the content of the document.

Also, the only way to change this setting is with permission password, better known as the master key, which is the one that allows, modifies, prints, copies or edits the PDF file.

restricted pdf for printing or copying text

Follow these steps to add password encryption to a PDF

If you need to protect or encode a PDF document with a password, you need to take a few steps to achieve it. These are:

  1. Open the document with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  2. Select «Tools» – «Protect» – «More options» – «Password encryption«
  3. Click «Restrict editing and printing the document»
  4. Enter the new password in the fields provided.
  5. Click I accept and finally confirm the changes.

So you can remove the password from a PDF file

A user as I add a password can be removed and for this you just need to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the password-protected document.
  2. Then click «Remove security”Located in“ Tools ”-“ Protect ”-“ More Options ”.
  3. If the password you want to remove is for opening only, just click «Accept».
  4. If it’s a permission or password, you need to type it in and click «OK» and then «Confirm.»