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Add a shortcut to a place or route to Google Maps on your desktop

Añade al escritorio el acceso directo de un lugar o ruta en Google Maps

If you travel frequently and have trouble returning to work or home, Google Maps can help. One touch on the screen and it will immediately show you the way or route back to the house or a previously set address, from wherever you are. It will automatically start GPS navigation so that you receive voice instructions on how to return. This is done simply by adding a shortcut to the main screen of your Android device. There are two ways to do this. You can search for the place on Google Maps and use the «Add a route to the home screen» option or the reverse method, which is to place the Google Maps widget on your desktop and then set where you want to go. We will detail it.


Shortcut to navigate to an address on Google Maps

add the route to the main Google Maps screen

  1. Open the Google Maps app.
  2. Type the address in the text box above and then «Search».
  3. Tap the blue button that says «Directions.»
  4. When the route appears on the screen, tap the three-point button in the upper right and select «Add route to the main screen».

Direct access to several directions

add stop google maps google maps stops

If you have an itinerary of places to visit, you can also create a Google Maps shortcut to multiple addresses, in a specific order. You simply need to set the places you want to visit in the order you prefer, as we explained in the article about placing multiple addresses on Google Maps, and then use the «Add route to the home screen» option. In other words, you need to do the same with steps 1-3 above. As a fourth step, tap the three-point button and choose «Add stop». Set the direction and you’re done. When you’re done, tap «Done,» and then select the «Add route to home screen» option.

How to get there

widget how to get google maps google maps address widget

Another way to put direct access to an address is with the «How to get there» widget in Google Maps. You need to access your device’s widgets (normally by holding down an empty area on the home screen, the «Widgets» option) and choose the «Google Maps» widget. If you touch it, you will have the option to set the place, a name and some travel settings, such as the type of transport (on foot, by bike, by bus or by car) and avoid highways, taxes or ferries.

The advantage of this method is that you can optionally disable GPS navigation (step by step). That is, when you tap the widget, it will only show the route to the set location, distance, and arrival time. You need to tap the «Start» option to start GPS navigation.

The disadvantage of this method is that you can add a single destination address and not more than in the previous case.

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