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Activate Office 2019 for free [Claves y activador 2021]

Activar Office 2019 gratis

We analyze in depth the latest version of this office software, we show you how to activate Office 2019 and its benefits. In addition, we will compare this version with its direct competitor (which also belongs to Microsoft itself), such as Office 365. Join us!

Microsoft Office 2019: Good and bad

This office suite is the most current that the brand has launched on the market. It is a continuous version of tools such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint that we already know well due to previous deliveries, such as Office 2013 or Office 2016. It is specially designed for the new operating system for both Mac and Windows 10 (in fact, will only work in the latest versions of this operating system) and its main function is precisely to give users the opportunity to continue to enjoy the famous office suite through a traditional route, where you pay the license only once, and now you can forever you decide to install it on your computer.

Comparison with 365

However, there is a rather curious case and, despite the fact that it is the newest, it is not the most complete and this is due to the fact that Microsoft itself does not seem to bet on it. The higher amount of profit they get from their cloud service is probably the cause.

The main proof of this is that when you buy the Office 2019 license (at least the most basic) you receive only the three tools mentioned above: Excel, Word and Powerpoint, when before the range of programs when you purchased an «office package» «It was much bigger. Moreover, in any of the premium online subscription plans you will find more tools and services such as:

  • Publisher, Access and Outlook
  • So are free calls and minutes on Skype
  • Or compatibility with Onedrive, to give a few examples.

This is a clear strategy focused on promoting the acquisition of these plans, compared to this version of Office 2019. However, we can not criticize the company because it takes care of the product that gives them the most money and tries to increase profits with this.

If you want to always have access to the 2019 versions of Outlook, Publisher and Access, you need to buy the «Professional» version, which from our point of view is completely out of price.

But not everything is bad news, because the mere fact that Office 2019 was launched on the market is also a key factor in ensuring that at least Microsoft has not neglected the rest of the users who, at least, whatever , they do not want or can not afford to pay a monthly or annual subscription to use these tools.

In addition, not all users have the same statements and / or needs when it comes to purchasing office tools. Thus, everyone can choose the service that suits them best. In the present case, these are its characteristics:

Download Office 2019: what does this version offer us?

  • Excel 2019.
  • Word 2019.
  • Powerpoint 2019.
  • Two-month technical support.
  • License valid forever
  • One payment.
  • 5 GB online storage.
  • Using office tools purchased in a single device, both Windows and MAC.

This is roughly what we will find after obtaining the Office 2019 license. However, we will not be left with only the technical features … We will delve into some of the most remarkable points:

The strengths of this suite

Activate Office 2019
  1. As for the tools: they are what they are, they will not receive updates in the future either (This is only for online plans), but they are quite complete and perfectly functional for both average and advanced users.
  2. In addition, of course, they include many more possibilities and additional features than previous versions, so now is the perfect time to upgrade and download Office 2019. You will take it to the next level!
  3. You will have 5 GB of cloud storage. Although they are not the 6 TB of the online version, this online space will be yours, so you can use it as you want all the time, and this is the real point in favor, because in its name, it is a service «for rent ”Available only for the months you pay for the subscription.
  4. And finally, but at the same time, probably the most important thing: you will have to make a single payment and, once you activate the Office 2019 password, you will be able to use this tool forever. If you calculate how much you save for the future, believe me it’s worth it.

Therefore, we are talking about the fact that, even with all the “cuts” it includes (for the benefit of its online version), it is still a quality and quite competitive office tool. To take into account all those who do not have great needs in this field and that it is enough to be able to use Word, Excel and / or Powerpoint at user level in a functional way and forever.

Regarding the use of the office suite in a single computer … Well, There are several ways and tricks to solve this limitation, so you can actually use programs on multiple devices., even on MacOS.

And the thing is … yes friends, We also have Office for MAC!

Office for MAC

The first thing you need to know if you want to install the 2019 versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint on MAC is what systems they are compatible with. Well, it’s a curious case, because Office 2019 MAC will always be available for the last three latest MacOS updates. That is, the availability will vary and will be renewed with each new version released, because the one that was last compatible on the list will automatically become unavailable after each new update.

If you are one of those who always have your MAC updated to the latest version, then you will have no problem. Otherwise, if you want to enjoy the office suite, it forces you to stay up to date. Not necessarily until the latest version, yes.

What differences will we find in this version?

As for the differences with its version for Windows, logically, these are different tools, because each is adapted to a specific operating system.

At a lower level, routes, names, item positions, and icons usually change. Minor changes that, as we say, do not have a major impact on the usability of the programs. Although there are some more significant changes, virtually all essential and relevant functions are intact.

Broadly speaking, this is what you can do with Office 2019 MAC and what is better than its predecessor, the 2016 package:

In a word: Ink functionality and shortcuts have been improved. In addition, you will have the new «focus mode», as well as a translator, new improvements in program accessibility (file formats), custom Office boxes (and customizable) … In short, better use and implementation of this tool in Office for MAC.

In Excel: In addition to all the basic elements at the level of tables, calculations and even databases, you can also make maps in two dimensions and time scales. Also added is what is known as ‘funnel graphics’ and the following functions:

  • CONCAt
  • IFS

Regarding Powerpoint: Graphics and visual environment are improved to generate more impressive content. You’ll be able to export 4K videos, insert icons (and manage them) into 3D models and formats such as SVG or the long-awaited click-to-play option. To this we must add the possibility of information transition.

Now that you know all the possibilities offered by this version on both Windows and MAC, we will show you how to get it. As always, we recommend that you purchase Office 2019 through the official Microsoft website. However, we can at any time take advantage of other totally legal methods with which to get it for free. We show you how:

Get Office 2019 for free and without software

Microsoft Office 2019

Well, the first alternative (and for us also the best) of all is to use an Office 2019 key for activation. With these codes you will be able to validate the tool with all the programs at the same time, without costs. This code is perfectly valid and you will not violate anything, because in his day they were legally bought. In fact, it is the only way to get them. However, there are many users who want to share them with the rest of the community, either because they no longer use them or simply because they want to offer them.

Here are some series you can use. When they are added and published, they are all perfectly valid, so you should have no problems.

Keys Office 2019

Office Standard 6NWWJ-YQWMR-QKGCB-6TMB3-9D9HK
Office 2019 plus professional NMMKJ-6RK4F-KMJVX-8D9MJ-6MWKP
Office pro plus 2019 B4NPR-3FKK7-T2MBV-FRQ4W-PKD2B
power point RRNCX-C64HY-W2MM7-MCH9G-TJHMQ

Project standard


If one is no longer available, it is a matter of testing. You will also find more of these codes online. It will be a matter of trying them all until you find one available.

Beware of using third-party software for activation

When we say that it is not advisable to use third-party programs, we are talking about the BAT file technique, such as an Office 2019 activator, and the rest of these famous software that promise to validate the version of this tool with a single mouse click in an instant .

Pay attention to everything that seems so fast, efficient and ultimately so beautiful in this life, especially when we talk about the fact that it is ultimately a paid service and that in order to enjoy it you have to buy Office 2019.

BAT files and triggers

And in this case it is not an exception: be careful of the links you click, as well as the source sites where you download both the program itself and the validation codes for the BAT file. Most not only do not even perform the task of activating Office 2019, but also contain malware that will be installed on your computer, with the consequent danger and security breach in the system.

Not surprisingly, most antiviruses (which, of course, include Windows Defender) detect them as viruses and warn you about installing, running, and using them.

It is true that you can scan links and files at any time, but there will always be the possibility that antivirus software will not detect it and, in our humble opinion, it is not worth taking the risk, especially when you are not even at work.

Activate Office 2019 step by step

Now that we have shown you all the free ways to activate Office 2019and I warned you about some of them, you should already have everything you need to install the software and start using the office automation tools it offers.

So we’ll take you to the last step: we’ll teach you how to validate your product key so you can finally start using Word and the rest of the programs.

Keys office 2019
  1. First, download the app from this link that leads directly to the official Microsoft website.
  2. Run the file and perform the relevant download installation steps using the installation wizard. It’s very simple, you just have to be aware of the rejection of the installation of other related adware and that the company itself usually tries to «sneak» us in this type of installation.
  3. Once installed, launch the program. This will ask you to sign in to your Microsoft account. After that, you can add the Office 2019 key.

Here you will have to try the codes mentioned above, in case you have not bought one.

As you can see, it is very simple, because the process has been much simplified compared to previous versions, so that the user can directly open the tool and proceed to validate it, thus avoiding headaches.