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Activate Office 2013 for free [Claves y activador 2021]

Activar Office 2013

If you got here, then so be it you want to be among the millions of users who use Microsoft Office 2013 every day.

No wonder, because we are talking about the most popular office tools on the market, which have accompanied us since the first launch of the suite in 1989. Therefore, We’ll get straight to the point and teach you how to activate Office 2013 for free!

But first, remember that over time, it releases new versions, such as Office 2016 (or recently updated Office 2019), but This version of 2013 is still very competent in terms of office software.

If you prefer to use the cloud service instead, then Office 365 is for you. Now, let’s get to the mess!

Office 2013 license, the best way to get your code

As I said, we will not win: the best way to activate Office 2013 on both Windows and MAC is through a valid license code. Since it is paid software, the fastest and most efficient way would be to buy it through your own official Microsoft store.

Which version to buy?

When it comes to buying your key, here are the two versions you’ll find available:

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013
  • Microsoft Office Standard 2013

Remember that this tool also has two versions (one for home and one more professional) that vary in price and features depending on what it offers. Logically, the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 version is the larger of the two and therefore the more complete.

Even so, don’t think too much: if you want to use Word 2013 and the rest of the tools included in the user-level suite, then the basic version is perfect for you.

This is more than enough to comply with everything we usually need in our homes in connection with this type of program, so our recommendation is that if you are not a company, choose it.

Choose the method you think is convenient to validate your version

However, don’t think that this is the only way to get an Office 2013 key. We will list all the methods available for activation and it will be up to you to decide which one to choose. We will guide you step by step through each of them (including the subsequent validation process of the suite once you have the code) so that there are no losses.

If you can’t afford the simplest version of the tool, don’t despair and keep reading, because we have a solution for you!

Office Activator 2013

Activator office 2013

We will start, of course, with the best ways to activate Office 2013 for free. Specifically, due to the use of third-party programs commonly known as «Office triggers» and whose use we strongly discourage.

On this occasion, to start and because prevention is better than cure … rather than showing you step by step what to do, we will tell you what you should not do.

Why is it not advisable to use an activator?

Our recommendation is to stay as far away from this type of program as possible, as most are not reliable at all, not only because they do not fulfill what they promise, but also a large percentage of them take advantage to add malicious software, which will be installed on your computer at the same time as the alleged miracle tool.

Logically, this is not only a breach of the security of your system, but also a theft of data more than possible. And we do not believe that if there is third-party software of this type that really performs its function in a legal way and without further reasons, it is worth the risk to find out.

Above all because the only way is either by trial and error with other Office 2013 activators, or in the opinion of users who have previously followed the first method.

In short, in addition to the fact that it is not a very legal method, we do not think it is worth endangering your computer security in this way, especially when there are other ways to activate Office 2013 without any danger.

Specifically, the following, which will definitely be the one that convinces you the most:

Keys Office 2013

Fortunately for users, often, for one reason or another, many of these codes usually end up being published on the net.

Moreover, the number of public series tends to increase as time passes and the tool gets older, as a large part of users decide to update the tool.

This generates a larger number of deprecated codes that can benefit other users, like you. So in this case it will not be difficult to find a functional Office 2013 key and which you can use to activate office programs such as Word, Excel, etc. Forever.

Key Office 2013

This does not necessarily mean that any code you find on the internet can be valid and allows you to activate the office suite. Sometimes it doesn’t work because the software detects it as a duplicate. This means that the original user is still using it, or that someone with the same need to activate Office 2013 for free has arrived before you and is using it.

But again, we take the chestnuts out of the fire. Here is a fairly extensive list of codes that we ourselves searched the net and that we checked that they really are still free. With these Office 2013 keys you will be able to validate programs without problems:

Serial Office 2013


How to perform the activation process step by step

With the license code already in hand, either after purchasing it or by any other method, you will need to do the following:

  1. Enter the web at download Office 2013.
  2. Once the suite is installed, open any of the programs that the tool includes.
  3. After running it, a screen will automatically appear preventing you from using it and asking you for your password.
  4. If the added series is valid, then you will go to the interface of the program in question, which will mean that you will be able to use it without any limitations. In the same way, you can use the rest of the entire suite will be validated forever.

This is undoubtedly the best way to validate the tool. At the time of writing, all were available for use, but will likely be out of stock in time. If one doesn’t work for you, just try another.

The word was probably the reason

Probably due to its popularity and, above all, the large number of daily applications, download Word 2013 for free to be the most desired program in the entire office suite, and why you’re looking to turn it on.

Well, now and if you have followed the step-by-step activation process that I explained a little above, you should already have it under your belt and you will be able to perform all office tasks in it without major problems.

Whether it’s work, class assignments or personal use, today it’s essential to have a tool like Word on your computer We hope that the codes listed above will be useful to you, that you already have an active Office 2013 license, and that you have achieved your goal.