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Actinic Business 8 Review

Actinic Business 8 Review

Software updates often turn out to be little more than bug fixes with a few additional options to justify the fee. However, upgrading from version 8 Actinic to the «Internet Store in a Box» software suite is a different story: the entire range has changed significantly, as have its prices and the options it presents to the developer community.

The e-commerce product Business was already capable of impressive facts. With a database and templates, you can and will continue to create an e-commerce site with advanced features, as well as a complete order processing system to help you manage orders as they enter the site. their web. The product uploads the website files and downloads the commands from its own server or from one of the many Internet service providers Actinic Hosting.

This new version sees a huge improvement over previous incarnations. Most of the above weaknesses have been addressed, providing a flexible way to produce an internet-based store with full order processing capabilities.

With so many different things, let’s start with making money: the features of the web store. There is a new way to display bestseller lists, related products, purchased products, and new products. All this helps to suggest other items that the user might want to buy, even if they did not realize it themselves – a great addition.

The entire user interface has also been improved, with docking information panels that allow you to customize the look of the user interface. The aspects that Actinic gives you the opportunity to choose, because your web pages have been significantly upgraded to have a more contemporary and professional look, using CSS for much of the look, although the old looks are still there if you your uses them. Some may be surprised that the tables are still present on the pages, but Actinic insists that this is currently necessary for reliable playback, although they may disappear with future versions.

There have been big changes in the design environment if you want to customize and downgrade. In design mode, after you click on an item in the preview window, the area of ​​code that applies to it will be highlighted in the code window, you no longer have to guess what controls what. You can even add your own dynamic code if you are familiar with PHP. Code coloring also helps with reading and comprehension, and there are scrolling libraries to help select Actinic’s predefined variables.

There was also a backstage review. Credit card details stored with commands on the device that has Actinic installed are now encrypted, and there is also an option to force the user to connect to Actinic each time it is accessed. The VAT ratio has been improved to satisfy the accounts department as well as customer accounts, and different prices can be displayed depending on the customer. The marketing department also receives some new functions, with an engine that will automatically generate mailing lists. With an extensive filtering system, all kinds of lists can be generated from the received commands.

If you want to sell downloadable products, such as software or PDF documents, the Actinic digital download module and one-click order processing have been purchased among the latest products in the entire range. The latter option streamlines order processing, allowing you to automate the various steps in order processing and print reports with a single click. To facilitate the work of the order processing department, Actinic has now included price editing on all order lines and, to keep the packaging department happy, barcode printing has been included on all products.

It is a major rewrite and offers something new for almost everyone. However, there are limitations – we would still like to see an option to display stocks live on the site, and the total cost means that smaller operations should consider products like LiteCommerce ( ). Otherwise, there is nothing that could affect this new version. Actinic took note of customer feedback, carefully analyzed the range and presented a group of products and prices tailored to the needs of the current generation of retailers. One final feature that makes upgrading a little more difficult is that version 8 will coexist with older versions on the same machine, so you can familiarize yourself before moving on completely.

Actinic Business 8 reviews