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9 feature-rich programs for creating interactive computer timelines

9 feature-rich programs for creating interactive computer timelines

  • The chronology software is the best option for teachers, students and even managers in different fields, so that they can easily organize the evolution of concepts / events / products, etc.
  • It’s fun when it shows interactively the complex processes that are embedded in a creative design illustration.
  • We have the best timeline software options for you that will make your life easier.
  • You can also visit our Software Center to learn more about tools that can make your digital life more interactive.

Creating timelines is an effective way to outline events. It also helps students better understand the evolution of events. Generating timelines using a digital tool allows you to create interactive or animated timelines.

Digital tools also allow you to select different levels of knowledge and move from essential concepts to advanced content.

In this post, we’ll list some of the best tools available online for creating interactive timelines. Enjoy!

What are the best PC timeline programs?

  • Adobe Spark (recommended)
  • Tiki-Toki
  • Fried time
  • forego
  • Frize Chrono
  • Dipity


Adobe Spark (recommended)

Adobe Spark is an open source tool through which anyone can create interactive timelines rich in multimedia content. Stories can be created in a simple and interactive way using Adobe Spark’s professional timeline schemes, where you can add photos and icons. This is a tool designed for users without programming skills, so you can use ready-made templates to fine-tune the creation process or you can customize your own work.

Adobe Spark offers a wide range of images, outlines, font ideas, and different text layouts, so you can create exceptional deadlines in no time. In addition, you can view all changes in real time.

In addition to creating stories on your timeline, you should know that Adobe Spark has many more attractive tools. So you can create a social media post and all you have to do is select a photo, text and use a filter. It can also bring more creativity to your webpage, as Adobe Spark has created web stories to get readers’ attention.

You can use this app wherever you are, so you can install the app on your mobile device as well.

It has certainly convinced us that it is an excellent option for creating effortless, fast and impactful jobs, especially when it comes to designing deadlines.

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