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8 tips to get a proper renovation

8 tips to get a proper renovation

For an apartment reform to be successful, it is recommended that you devise a plan for what you want. Then you need to trust good floor reform professionals and implement these tips.

  1. See the house with a different look:

Write down everything that needs to be changed to improve the house. You need to put what is needed now and what will be needed in the future. Then you need to consider the priorities and the economic issue.

  1. Think together:

The new house should be designed globally, not facing each space separately. Success is the realization of a house in which the identity of each space is perceived, albeit in a coherent set.

  1. Know the current regulations:

Any work must be reported to the town hall, whether it is minor works or major works. Construction fees and taxes will have to be paid.

  1. Works:

You need to find a construction company that can do the job. Although comfortable, it is not recommended that the designer and the construction company be from the same company.

  1. Set a schedule:

Find out in what order the work will be done and how long each part will take. The reform must have a deadline, agreed by the interior designer and the joint builder.

  1. An evolving house:

You have to plan the reform thinking about a house that matures with those who live in it. You should bet on flexible, easy-to-change spaces to avoid making reforms again when the situation changes.

  1. The importance of saving:

You can take advantage of renovation to make your home consume less energy with a number of ideas.

  1. Environment:

The environment must be respected and welfare ensured with healthy materials, without volatile organic compounds and with an ecological seal. The materials produced in the country must be used, because the impact on the environment is much smaller.