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7 ideas to celebrate and decorate a birthday in the Pandemic

7 ideas to celebrate and decorate a birthday in the Pandemic

The current pandemic has disrupted all our plans, absolutely all of them. From holiday trips and, although we can all go without a birthday party or any similar event, for the little ones we should make a little effort and set up and prepare something, always of course, with all the necessary measures. security required.

And that’s what we’ll see next, ideas for celebrating and decorating a pandemic birthday. So that no child is left without his and yet, with maximum certainty.

Decorate the house so that, when you wake up, you see it decorated from the first moment

It’s something like when Santa Claus or Santa Claus comes: the illusion starts from the first moment he wakes up in the morning, right?

In this case it would be the same. But with a birthday-oriented decor.

You can do a thousand things:

Put a garland in the hallway or anywhere else so that when he leaves the room it will be the first thing he sees..

You have hundreds of them specific to ages, genders or themes. You can buy this which we see above these lines from Letsgo Fiesta.

Besides the garland, you can decorate a breakfast table with the whole party ready.

Balloons, garlands, confetti, glitter, a gift, a beautiful tablecloth, etc. In this regard, we have sets of birthdays that come with everything that is included, such as the one we see below:

Children's birthday decorative set

Set Letsgo Fiesta Birthday

This set, for example, comes with a flag, garland, muffin wrap, noises, balloons, laces, satin ribbons, pencil boxes, toppers and straw. Very complete and avoid preparing it yourself or buying it in parts.

If instead of giving him a surprise, you prefer the child to get involved in decorating the birthday because it is also a fun part, the day before you can decorate the whole house together.

You have thousands of ideas on the internet to inspire you and create a decor with a theme depending on what you are looking for. You are sure to find the perfect setting.

Birthday decoration

Ballon_Worldwide Photography

Disguise yourself or disguise yourself

It doesn’t have to be a carnival to dress, especially if the reason is the birthday of one of your children.

Buy or make some costumes, of his favorite theme or whatever you want to know that he will like that day or, at least during the holiday, spend it in disguise.

Birthday costumes

This invites celebration, optimism and a birthday party, don’t you think?

You can buy ready-made costumes without leaving home or you can make them yourself, if that excites you. Everything that adds enthusiasm and happiness is always positive. The ones we see above these rows are from the Letsgo Fiesta

Order or prepare a special breakfast

If you do not feel like it or do not have time to prepare a special breakfast, as you well know, today there are companies from all cities that prepare the desired breakfast and take it home warm, fresh and ready to eat.

Thus, in addition to the beautiful and festive meal, it would not hurt if that day breakfast was as special and personalized as possible. Isn’t it wonderful to start his birthday like that?

Prepare more video calls

After having breakfast and getting excited on the roof, you can continue to celebrate your birthday by making more video calls.

If friends or family members cannot come to the birthday because of the pandemic, it is a must to have prepared a few video calls with your dearest family and friends, so as to congratulate him, sing them happy birthday and to feel as special as possible, his birthday.

Remote games

Anniversary video call

Today, technology allows us to play remotely with our friends. Either with Play or Xbox online or by using an online app or game, or by making a group video call and allowing children to play for a while, remotely and safely.

In this regard, you can play many things, such as a costume contest, among many other simple and fun games.

Arrange a surprise with the neighbors

If you get along well with your neighbors, or at least with some, another idea to celebrate a pandemic children’s birthday is to talk to them and meet at some point to go out on the balcony, each neighbor in his or her own. , of course, and that, when that moment comes, all the neighbors present will sing their well-deserved Happy Birthday.

All these ideas to decorate and set up a birthday party in Covid times, are remote and completely safe.

In any case, if you have decided to gather some children and that the party is face to face, By following a few simple rules and regulations, you will make sure that the party is as safe as possible:

Small group of children:

The more friends, the better, right? But now, unfortunately, this maxim cannot be.

Thus, if you decide to organize a physical birthday, the ideal would be for the group of children to be small.

Do it outdoors:

It is not always possible, but if you can make the birthday outdoors, much better than locked in a house.

And if it is in a house, try to keep the windows open so that there is constant ventilation.

Use of masks:

If the birthday is for children over 6 years old, as you know, it is mandatory to wear masks.

This provides another layer of security. Teach them to wear it properly and enjoy it safely.

Food, sweets and individual cake:

Everything that is eaten, prepare it individually. Yes, you can prepare the same food: Sandwich, cake, muffins, sweets, etc., but all individually and that each child eats from the plate without reaching another.

Without blowing the cake:

If there is a big cake that everyone can eat, better than the child or anyone else, blow out the candles, so that later everyone can eat that cake.

Hand washing and disinfection:

Try to have several bottles of hydroalcoholic gel and ask the children to wash their hands regularly.

With these precautions you can have a safe birthday party if you decide to do it yourself.

As you can see, even in a pandemic caused by the damn Covid-19, we still have many options to set up and decorate a spectacular and safe birthday party for the little ones, who should never miss one. You do not believe? I read you in the comments.

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