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5 things you can do with the VLC media player

5 cosas que puedes hacer con el reproductor multimedia VLC

Want something better than the music or video player that came with your Android? Just typing «media Player»On Google Play, you can find many free and paid apps to play music and videos on your mobile phone. Of all the many options you’ll find, one of the most successful to date is VLC VideoLAN Media Player, from VideoLabs developer.

VLC Media Player is a multimedia player for high reputation on Windows and other platforms. In addition to being open source and free, it is one of the most widely accepted multimedia formats (which plays a large number of types of multimedia files: audio and video).

The best media player for Android?

vlc gestures Android vlc settings vlc preferences

The Android version, from the same developer VideoLabs, is available for download from Google Play For years, boy, it is an application that not only deserves, but is necessary due to the many possibilities it offers.

Play YouTube in the background and turn off the screen

play with vlc share android

For example, thanks to VLC, you can play YouTube videos in the background or just listen to the sound of the videos. To do this, when you share the YouTube video, you’ll have the Play with VLC option. The video will be played there, and if you want, you can turn on the «Play audio only» option so that you can minimize the app and continue using other apps, or even turn off the screen while listening to YouTube audio or any video in general.

Increase the volume more than the maximum allowed

increase the maximum volume of Android

Another useful feature of VLC is that you can increase the volume of your mobile phone beyond the maximum allowed, from the preferences of VLC, Video, Boost Audio. You can also go to the VLC equalizer and slide the «Preamp» horizontal control to the right to increase the audio volume.

Stream Movie Plus to TV

watch the movie plus on TV

VLC can also play network or streaming content. For example, I needed to install VLC on Android TV (Xiaomi Mi Box S) to be able to play movies there from the Movie Plus mobile app, one of the best apps I’ve found for watching movies and series online. That is, here the VLC application on Android TV plays the content sent from the Movie + application on my mobile phone.

Obviously, I also have VLC installed on my mobile phone, among other things, to be able to play both Movie Plus and serial movies (instead of using its default player). However, specifically to watch the Movie + series and soap operas, I chose to use the player MX player Well, I’ve seen that it’s the only one that allows you to fast forward or rewind these series that are apparently in «.TS» format, and not even VLC allows you to fast forward or rewind («non-backward transmission»).


Another feature of VLC for Android is that it is able to play DVD ISO or VOB files, just like its desktop version, and gives the user the ability to add subtitles to a movie.


vlc audio preferences vlc subtitle preferences

Finally, VLC has many advanced features that other players don’t have, and that’s why you’ll want to use it multiple times to play videos and even music. playback speed music or video, stopwatch stopped stop playing music or videos, leveling, network file playback, gesture management, adjusting the size of the video on the screen or «aspect ratio» (both in portrait and landscape mode), audio-only playback of a video, organizing files by album, artist, widget for sound control, sound control from headphones or earphones and automatic playback or stop when connected or disconnected.

vlc video preferences settings advanced vlc preferences

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