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5 things you can do to improve the security of the front door

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One of the best ways to sleep more peacefully at night is to know that the front door is secure. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as a basic lock does not provide the necessary protection. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you below 5 things you can do to improve the security of the front door.

The reality is that you can make some simple adjustments to improve the security of the door. You can even fully check the input system. Whichever option you choose, you will feel safer knowing that your family is safe.

What needs to be done to improve the security of the front door?

You may not know it, but you can strengthen the security of the front door simply by replace the lock with a more common one. However, there are other security mechanisms that make access difficult and can be combined with each other for greater protection.

Find out how easy it is to improve the security of your door with the following recommendations:

1. Block with antibumping

As the name suggests, an anti-dumping lock prevents thieves from using the striking technique to open the door without forcing it. The great thing about this is that you just need to change the door bowl for a more current and appropriate one.

The ideal is to choose a lock that, in addition to being anti-knock, is also anti-pick and incorporates keys that cannot be copied. The latest anti-shock locks even come with dual anti-panic clutches and electronic copy control.

2. Install a lock shield

This is another way to improve the security of the front door without spending a lot of money. Also known as trim door, the locking shield protects your door against persistent thieves.

The purpose of this protective shield is to strengthen the security of the door to make it virtually inviolable. Once installed, the protective shield doubles the resistance time of any traditional lock.

This is important, because the longer the thief lasts, the more likely he is to give up trying to steal. In addition, it gives you more time to call the police and take extra precautions.

3. Install an additional latch

If the front door has a central lock, it is advisable to install an additional bolt. There are several options to choose from, including the serrated security key screw that can be easily installed on almost any type of door.

Another recommended option is the invisible screw, which can be operated with a remote control. The advantage of this additional lock is that it is not visible from the outside of the door.

In other words, with this type of additional screw it is impossible to force the screw, because it is not known for sure where it is located.

4. Install a smart lock

The additional advantage of this type of lock is that it works without a key and is characterized by ensuring a level of security greater than or equal to that of traditional locks. In addition, the smart lock can be opened directly from the mobile phone, or using a remote control.

And here are several options to choose from, including smart locks with integrated keyboard. In these locks you only need to enter a security code to open the door.

You can also choose smart touch screen locks, or radio frequency locks that allow opening with a key ring or card. If you want, you can choose fingerprint lock or Bluetooth lock.

5. Replace the armored or armored door

In addition to the options mentioned above, replacing the front door with an armored or armored door will further increase security. Armored doors, for example, function as an exterior door to offers more strength and safety than a common door.

This type of armored door has one or two iron plates inside. The door is installed in the frame, which is often reinforced with an iron plate. A big advantage of this type of door is that they are resistant to fire, heat and smoke.

In turn, armored doors provides increased security against theft. This is because there are doors that have an electrowelded steel core that is not visible from the outside, due to the fact that it is covered by a housing.

From the outside it looks like a wooden door, but the metal core inside prevents it from breaking. In addition, armored doors are insulating in terms of sound and temperature.


If you combine the installation of an armored or armored door with the installation of a modern lock, the front door will become much stronger and more secure. Just make sure you consult with locking experts on the best system to protect your home.