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5 more hidden pixel features worth finding

5 more hidden pixel features worth finding

You need a distraction from … uh, you know, everything? Yes of course. And nothing puts me in a happy, temporarily unconscious place, like finding underrated features for my favorite Googley gadgets.

Earlier this year, we talked about Pixel’s hidden features Useful but withdrawn options waiting to be discovered on devices created by Google. And you better believe that the things we touch then are far from the only gemstones floating around these mobile technology aquariums.

With Google itself implementing a new wave of pixel features as we speak (and also the first beta version of Android 11 that will appear soon, though not, as originally scheduled, in this week ), I thought this would be a good time to take the place where we stayed and walk through more hidden Pixel features that are worth discovering. No matter what generation of Pixel you have, there is something worth waiting for here.


Pixel # 1 feature: Smarter ring configuration

I don’t know about you, but hearing my phone ring, like it’s like a real call (horror!), Is almost always annoying. No matter what sound I use for the ringtone, something in the noise invariably irritates me and forces me to silence the unwanted beast as fast as I can.

It’s a handy way to have a sound sound there when you need it, but to avoid listening to the noise more than is absolutely necessary.

How to find it

On Pixel 2 or later, go to the Sound section of your phone settings. Just below the four volume sliders, you’ll see an option labeled «Vibrate for calls.»


Touch this and make sure it’s set to «Vibrate first, then ring gradually»:

Pixel functions: ring (2)

And that’s it! All that’s left is to prepare a happy little dance for the next time you receive a call and not I have to assault your ears.

Pixel function # 2: press to mute

Okay, so what happens when the phone starts ringing before you can turn it off? Or does an alarm, timer notification, or even a subtle «ding-a-ding-ding» start ringing to let you know that some sort of alert is coming?

Here’s a very useful Pixel secret that forever I Forgetting to take advantage: Instead of shaking me wildly and hitting your phone at random (as effective as a move), just tighten the bottom of the phone frame. And just like magic, simple action will turn off the sound in no time.

It’s part of a Pixel feature called Active Edge, the same thing that lets you push your phone to open the Wizard whenever you want (you know, that feature you probably read once when you set up your phone and then never used it ). . The same system has the ability to mute almost any sound received on the device, and even if you don’t use the wizard’s summoning part, the mute part is worth accepting.

How to find it

The Pixel squeeze-to-shoosh option is available on all Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 variants (so far, anyway; it is rumored that the system will not be present on the future Pixel 4a phone). If you have any of these devices, open the System section of your phone’s settings, tap «Gestures», then tap the «Active Edge» line just below the first split sign.

Play with the so-called «Squeeze Sensitivity» slider until you can squeeze the phone and watch it wake up without too much trouble, but also without it so easy to do, you will probably activate it by mistake.

Pixel functions: press to mute

Make sure the «Tap to turn off» option is turned on, then decide if you want to turn on or turn off the «Tap for your Assistant» option. and adjust its switching accordingly; then train your brain to tighten the next time you want your phone. to silence their virtual tip.

Pixel Function # 3: Flip Shhh

Another often forgotten feature of the phone that Pixel has is the Flip to Shhh option, which is aptly named. It does exactly what you’d expect – once it’s activated, you can simply flip the phone so that the screen is facing down on a table (or most flat surfaces, including a trash can), and this will change the phone to Do not disturb mode so that you do not hear any non-essential alerts. When you pick up the phone, it will automatically exit that mode and return to your normal sound profile.

Pixel Functions: Return to Shhh

Hi Google, is it possible for anyone to develop a similar mechanism for young children?

How to find it

On Pixel 2 and later, the Flip to Shhh switch is in the same section of the system settings we were swimming in: open the System menu, tap «Gestures», then search for «Flip to Shhh» on the right. end of list. Touch it, turn the switch to the on position, then turn it to the contents of the heart.

Pixel function No. 4: pay attention to the screen

Few things are as annoying as looking at something on your phone, maybe a document, an article or an email with high text content and then having the screen off and on while you’re in the middle of reading. . It’s a great way to make you want to throw away your phone and scream, but unless that’s your goal (and if so, don’t let it stop you), it tends to be a counterproductive pattern.

Well, take note: like the Pixel 4, Google has a built-in option to prevent such actions. Just turn a small switch, and every time the phone detects your puffy and porcupine face staring at the screen, it will prevent the screen from darkening and turning off.

Yes please.

How to find it

On Pixel 4, go to the Display system settings section and look for the line labeled «Attention to display.» Touch that, what about those apples?

Pixel functions: pay attention to the screen

Right there, in front of your shiny nose, is the lever you need. Simply turn the bad boy back to the starting position, then stay easy knowing that you can read your very important business materials (the only thing you read on the phone, obviously) without fear of closing the interrupt screen. .

Pixel feature # 5: Better battery saver

Last but not least, it is probably the most practical hidden Pixel feature in this collection and, thanks to Goog, is available on all Pixel devices (even on the first generation model that now looks prehistoric!).

You know about the Pixel battery saving system, right? Whenever your phone runs out of power, saving battery power starts and it does a lot of different things to extend the remaining charge as much as possible. Among other things, it restricts background activity so that applications are not registered or updated unless you actively open them; turn off device location services; and activate the dark mode of the phone.

However, by default, a Pixel phone’s battery saving is usually set to turn on based on a static number, usually when your device reaches 15% of the remaining charge. And Google has a better, smarter, data-driven way to handle this.

It is a battery saving option for activating your mobile phone based on your own personal routine and how know he tends to use his phone. So, in other words, Pixel will teach you usage habits over time and then determine when it’s best to save battery life to allow you to spend your day safely without running out of power. .

How to find it

Regardless of the Pixel phone you use, you can switch to Custom Battery Saver by galloping to the Battery section of the system settings, tapping «Battery Saver», then «Set a schedule» and changing it. to the «Based on your routine» option.

Pixel functions: save battery

Give it some time to follow, learn, and adapt, and then see if its personalized behavior helps your phone last a little longer.

Knowledge is power, as they say, and heck, now you have a lot of things. Go ahead and make good use of it!