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5 mistakes and a secret to avoid the failure of dropshipping

fracaso en dropshipping

As with most businesses, it is true that there are many people who fail in their first attempts when it comes to dropshipping and e-commerce. And then he goes to forums and groups or even asks me: Why did I fail in dropshipping?

In this article we will see the 5 mistakes that beginner entrepreneurs of this business model repeat the most.

Choose a product that can be found in any home business.

The first mistake is to sell something you probably buy in the Chinese under the house. What I mean is that I’ve seen it in some stores, sell a product that your consumer could buy at a mall, or a neighborhood store. What we are dealing with dropshipping is to focus on sell a product that can’t be bought anywhere. That’s why we always say that we have to look for an innovative product, a new product. I would go shopping near my house, because it will reach me faster. Even if you have to pay a little more.

One of the most important goals in avoiding dropshipping failure is look for a product that is very rare and that affects you. So our customer will buy a product from us when they see an ad for a product they have never seen. His sentiment should be: «I just saw this product now, I haven’t seen it anywhere else and I’ll buy it now, because if I don’t buy it now, I won’t get it anywhere.» That’s what we need to do on our client to think.

Offer many options about a product.

I’ve seen this in many dropshipping stores for a product it places too many options. Maybe for a store that has organic traffic and has been selling online for a long time, maybe it’s okay. But when you start and you sell an advertising product, that I recommend you create a sales funnel.

A sales funnel will take your customer on a path where he is not distracted and will reach the buy button with the fewest clicks possible. Then you need to choose a winning product without size, without many color options, without many size options, so it will be easier to guide the prospect to achieve the conversion. After purchase, if you want, you can take it to the store and offer other products.

In some cases, you can try a sales funnel with two or three other similar products. You need to put together a combination or an offer, «Pay one and get all this». But remember that the goal is for the customer not to leave the page and touch the buy button in a few clicks.

Add value to your product to avoid direct shipping failure.

As in many articles on this blog, I taught you, the power of writing to sell is impressive. And right now, copywriting can be used to add value to your product.

I have seen in many online stores that they continue to do e-commerce, traditionally. They take the product from Aliexpress, translate the translation and leave it there. I’m sorry to tell you that doing so will lead you directly to the failure of your dropshipping store.

Now that there is a lot of competition, then you need to innovate, be creative. You have to make your store have that unique touch. And for that, what I recommend is to learn make your product descriptions compelling. That it invites customers to see the need they have for the product you are presenting.

Another tip on the added value I want to give you as a gift. Suppose you sell camping products in your dropshipping store, you can write a little book about survival and give it with each product, maybe in a PDF. if you don’t have a budget to print it. Another idea is also to give a gift, as a bottle opener with your company logo. Believe me, with the added value, your customers will always buy from you again.

Give up as soon as possible

In my opinion, dropshipping is a business that you should take seriously, like any other. And, like any other, thousands of companies start every day on the internet and 90% fail, you know why? … because they are not constant, because they are not willing to wait for a business to bear fruit. That’s not just waiting for that you have to work and be patient. It’s not easy, whoever tells you that dropshipping is easy will lie to you. If you have enough money to run enough testing campaigns on your Facebook ads, as most do, you’ll probably get first-time sales, a small profit margin, and you’re done. I suggest you take this business seriously And that you work to develop your brand, online store and also take your time and arm yourself patiently until all your effort will give its results and you will not fail in dropshipping.

Think about this

When you think of building an apartment for rent, you don’t think that you will make a profit tomorrow. There is a process of construction, fixing legal acts, advertising in the media, etc. Even if you buy an apartment you need to invest time and money to fix them before you can make a profit from it. And with dropshipping and e-commerce, it’s the same.

How can I make my store look professional?

And this point has a lot to do with the previous one, if you don’t take this business seriously, you won’t be able to see that your work is professional. and If you can’t see your store as a professional business, that store is destined for another dropshipping failure.

Your store shouldn’t look professional, but all the environment and work you do around it should be professional. Only in this way will you be able to create a professional store.

Legal aspects of an online store

In the store you must comply with all legal policies, such as notification of the use of cookies, ie GDPR rules in order to sell in Europe. Legal use and notification policies. You should also consider having a contact page and a page about who we are or about us. This is the second most visited page by new visitors who intend to buy.

My advice to avoid the failure of dropshipping

Finally, I want to give you what I consider the best advice to avoid failure in dropshipping. And it’s that you keep reading, if you’re here, it’s because you’re looking for information and reading a lot about dropshipping. And this is the best way, I see, to avoid failure, learn then undertake. So at the end I leave you with a list of articles that will help you a lot in this new business model that you want to start.

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