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30% discount at Amazon Warehouse Home and Kitchen

30% discount at Amazon Warehouse Home and Kitchen

Amazon Warehouse is a part of Amazon that sells used and refurbished quality products with extremely attractive offers.

Let’s say it’s Second Hand from Amazon, but with very neat products, in perfect condition and with offers that are really worth buying.

Well, now, until July 29 of this year, that is, until Thursday, to these bargains that we can find in Amazon Warehouse we have to add (or subtract) a 30% discount to all their products, including, of course, to those related to the house, garden, decor and kitchen, which interest us.

Come on, we can save an extra 30% when we buy any of the used products that are sold.

The products sold at this second-hand center are thoroughly tested. In addition, the purchase of any of them comes with the same guarantees, benefits and customer service as any other new product we buy from Amazon.

So, if you are considering buying something for your home, this is the perfect time to do it, as we can find such interesting bargains as:

XL oil fryer without oil at 59 EUR

View or buy from Amazon Warehouse

An air fryer, one of this year’s appliances, in perfect condition, with a digital panel, with a capacity of 3.2 liters and the highest ratings from customers who bought it for only 59 EUR.

There are other models, but it caught my attention mainly due to its quality and the high ratings it has from the people who bought and tested it.

Let’s see another offer:

Conga 1790 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Scrubber for only € 92

Used Conga robot vacuum cleaner in perfect condition

View or buy from Amazon Warehouse

I have exactly this model, which cost me € 300 and is wonderful.

Vacuum, mature, clean and tidy. Although I must admit that I have never used the scrub function. I’m happy that we’re sweeping the house and that makes it perfect.

In addition, with the application is controlled from anywhere and in a very simple way, scheduling time, cleaning mode, suction power or see what areas of the house went through thanks to the virtual map it displays in the application.

Ardes AR5AM fan for € 16

Permanent fan for sale

View or buy from Amazon Warehouse

You might be looking for a second fan to support the first room or another room now that we have this hot. If so, look what a great thing.

A standing fan with adjustable height up to 120 cm, with vertical tilt and automatic lateral oscillation, three speeds and the highest qualifications of customers who bought it. You just have to read them to see that he is a fan who keeps his promise.

You can also check out these 24 designer fans.

Ultrasonic humidifier and aroma diffuser at 22 EUR

Ultrasonic humidifier used in perfect condition

View or buy from Amazon Warehouse

An elegant, beautiful and practical ultrasonic humidifier that reduces the drying of even the largest spaces.

Extremely quiet, it has a capacity of 300 ml, a timer, 7-color lights and, in addition, its aromatherapy function can also be used for the use of oils.

It also has the best ratings and is the best seller.

If you are interested in humidifiers, you can see more beautiful design humidifiers here.

Russel Hobbs steam iron for € 20

Professional Russel Hobbs iron for sale

View or buy from Amazon Warehouse

An excellent professional iron from Russel Hobbs for only € 20.

This model has the highest ratings of people who bought it and there are many, because it has almost 12,000 very positive reviews.

It has a non-slip ceramic sole and a 2 meter cable, a power of 2600W for dry ironing, steam, spray, with a stroke of 140 grams of steam and a 300 ml tank among other very interesting features for the price it has .

There are many, many more products that may interest you if you are thinking of buying something for your home or kitchen or any other product, because Amazon Warehouse has all categories such as electronics, beauty, jewelry and more, but they do don’t go with the theme of this blog and that’s why I don’t even mention them.

As they put on their website and as I said at the beginning, this 30% discount lasts until July 29, 2021. You can see all the offers on their official website by clicking here.

Are you going to take advantage and buy something? I read you in the comments.

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