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3 required Google Meet plugins

3 required Google Meet plugins

Ai Meet? video conferencing service recently renamed from Google it can be a confusing mess when it comes to its purpose and positioning, but it is certainly simple and effective, not to mention safety, to use.

Now, is it strictly for teams or also for regular consumer use? When used It is Unlike the Duo, Google is increasingly overlapping other video chat service? I’m not sure anyone, at least Google, can fully answer these questions right now. And I’m not fully convinced we won’t see even more confusing messages in this area as the months progress.

Free embargo, what the we can Here’s what to say: Meet is a great way to talk face-to-face with two to 250 people, whether you’re in a team-oriented G Suite setup, or up to 100 people using an individual Google Account. individual. And while its main interface may be relatively rare, the right set of plugins can help improve the meeting environment and improve the productivity and productivity of Meet events for everyone.

I tried a lot of Google Meet plugins and narrowed down the list of essential plugins to three simple but powerful tools. All are completely free and will all make an immediate difference in your remote discussions.

(Please note that these plugins currently only work on Get acquainted with the web interface , when accessed through Chrome. Meet mobile applications do not yet support these types of extensions.)

Moving management is without a doubt the most annoying part of a virtual meeting. Invariably, a stranger will forget to turn off his microphone and then start rustling papers or quarreling about pasta just at the wrong time. (That idiot is usually me). On the other hand, an idiot will sooner or later try to start talking, only to realize in the middle of his monologue that he has forgotten. turn on the sound and thus, by mistake, he performs a complex pantomime performance for his colleagues. . (That idiot is me too).

However, this does not have to be the case. For a more logical and brain-resistant dating experience, download the simple extension Push to Talk from Google Meet . It does one thing and does it well: it turns off your microphone by default on Meet and then turns it on every time you press and hold the space bar. That means you can sit back and look straight ahead without worrying about your quiet state, and when you want to talk, you can press that little finger on the space bar and hold it until it’s over. .

Everything should be so easy.

In terms of permissions, the Google Meet Push to Talk extension requires access only to the Google Meet website. Its code is open source and it is available for anyone to read , and its developers are incredibly clear that the software does not store or do anything with the data it finds.

Google Meet # 2 Add-on: The Silent Reaction Station

Speaking of talking too much, how many times have you been in a virtual meeting and wished you could express your position on something without having to use your voice? The ability to give a thumbs up, nod, or flutter without breaking the silence, and in a way that everyone will surely notice, helps reduce noise in a video conference and, consequently, increase health. of its participants.

And that’s exactly it the extension is designed Nod Reactions for Google Meet – Add a perfectly responsive panel in the upper left corner of the Meet screen with a series of one-click reactions. Any reaction you click is displayed to everyone else in the meeting as a pop-up window in the lower left corner of the screen.

You can simply raise your hand …


Click the raise your hand icon and Node Reactions will place an indicator in the lower left corner of everyone’s screen. (Didn’t I find it particularly beautiful that day?)

… or you can choose from a variety of other useful gestures and it is promised that many will be on the way soon. (I still expect one of the varieties with one finger, but it might be too spicy a touch for professional purposes.)

Google Meet Plugin - Silent Reaction (b)

So many gestures, so little time.

Node Reactions has several other options, including the ability to change the color of your avatar in a variety of more human-like shades and a very useful switch to allow Notifications real of any reaction activities in the room, so you do not miss anything. And so, indeed. Keep in mind that everyone in your meeting will need to have the extension installed in order for it to work optimally, as anyone who doesn’t have it in place won’t see any reactions and won’t be able to add their own. either.

In terms of permissions, the software requires access to the Meet website, surprisingly. His Privacy policy indicates that the only type of data collected is non-personal, system-oriented information that is used for internal analysis. In the meantime, the extension panel includes a single ad, but it’s small and unobtrusive and only appears when you open the tool’s settings area (which you’ll probably do somewhere between once and never).

Google Meet # 3 Add-on: The Automatic Note Taker

Last but not least, perhaps the most powerful Meet plugin of all – one that takes advantage of the service’s native subtitling system to create and save a complete written transcript of everything it said at your meeting.

Is called Tactiq Pins for Google Meet , but don’t let the weird name scare you. Once you’ve installed it, just click the «Enable Captions» link at the bottom of the Meet window, and then Tactiq will start saving all Google transcripts of your conversation.

The extension shows a slightly confusing window, with the option to «fix» important parts of the dialog, but I found it easier to ignore and reject it. Then, when the meeting is over, simply click the Tactiq Pins icon in your browser’s address bar, directly to the right of where you normally enter your web addresses, and you’ll see a note informing you that the transcript is ready.

You can then choose to export it to the Tactiq companion service or, more sensitively, save it as a Google document, save it as a plain text file, or simply copy it to your computer’s clipboard to paste anywhere.

Google Meet Plugin - Transcription

An on-demand transcript can be yours with a few quick clicks.

If you don’t see the entire meeting in transcript, wait another 10 seconds and try again. The service sometimes takes a while to catch up, but in my experience it has been quite consistent and efficient.

Like other Meet plugins, Tactiq Pins requires access to the Meet site. His Privacy policy states that it collects a small amount of information, including your name and email address, but developer support documents state that the actual notes of the meeting always remain private .

And with that, my dear fellow communicator, your Meet enhancements collection is complete. I don’t know about you, but all this talk about Meet is starving me. Who is ready for some pasta?