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3 APPLICATIONS to record good quality voice or audio

buenos grabadores voz audio moto g otros easy voice recorder

If you want to record a conversation, a song or something that happens around you with your Motorola mobile phone or any other Android device, you can use a voice or audio recorder like the ones I suggest below.

Although I tested these applications on a Moto G6They are compatible with any Motorola model and, in general, with any Android mobile phone. In these devices, as well as in some brands, a voice recorder is not pre-installed, so you need to install a third-party application that can be easily found on Google Play. Of the ones I have tried, the following are the most prominent. They are used to record voice or any external sound in high quality or good compression.

The best voice recorder for Motorola, Samsung etc.

1. Sony Audio Recorder (APK)

This is an application with an excellent design. It allows recording in super high quality, up to 1440 kbps, in WAV format. Because this audio quality generates very large files that can consume a lot of memory, it also offers lower qualities at 256 kbps, 128 kbps and 64 kbps. These qualities are recorded in ACC format precisely so as not to consume a lot of memory space.

Two extra interesting features of this Sony voice recorder is that it allows you to cut any recorded sound from the same application. It also allows you to eliminate wind noise in a recording in a few taps.

Audio Recorder can record in stereo or mono mode. Sony indicates that it is an official application for the STM10 stereo microphone, but it works with any Android device.

2. Light voice recorder

good voice recorders moto g g others easy voice recorder

This is another application with a very nice interface. It records in WAV format by default and allows you to choose from three presets quality: high (PCM), medium (CA) and low (AMR). Quality can be further configured by option Sampling rate available in settings (higher frequency, higher quality).

Provides a widget to quickly start a recording from the home screen.

The main disadvantage of this Easy Voice Recorder application is that in the free version you cannot change the directory where the records are saved, configured by default in the internal memory.

3. Smart Recorder

good audio recorders for moto, other smart voice recorders

It has nothing to envy when it comes to aesthetics. Here the recording quality is changed by varying the sampling rate, a parameter available in the settings.

An interesting feature is that it offers a feature to automatically avoid silences.

Unlike the lightweight voice recorder, it allows you to freely choose the directory where the recordings will be saved, which is ideal if you want to save them to your Motorola Moto G’s external SD card or any Android that has a slot. for microSD card.

Bonus: MP3 Recorder

good voice recorders audio moto g other advanced recorders

MP3 is a very popular audio format. It is supported on any player or computer. This is the desired format for a voice recording that you want to play later on an iPhone, record on CD, or play on a stereo device.

Advanced voice recording It is one of the most acceptable applications on Google Play that allows MP3 recording at different qualities, easy to select from the settings. Its interface is not pleasant at all, but it does its job perfectly.


These voice recorders will be extremely useful on phones that do not come from the factory with an application for this task, as is the case with Motorola mobile phones. Although they are perfectly functional in other Android models, where the native voice recorder leaves much to be desired or features such as those in these applications are missed. You will also want to use them to record calls from another phone, especially if they are VOIP calls like WhatsApp or Messenger, where recording is complicated and a soundless recording is usually obtained using applications on the same device (including these voice recorders). On the other hand, if you want to record the sound coming out of the phone or the internal sound that has a better quality, there are other alternatives.

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