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15 Solutions for a narrow and long living room: furniture and decorations

15 Solutions for a narrow and long living room: furniture and decorations

There are many solutions, ideas and tips for decorating a narrow and long living room and, although they are all good, you need to choose the ones that suit your living room and needs.

Well, although a narrow room is a narrow room here and in Japan, each of us has specific needs, requirements and particularities, right?

That’s why I prepared these 15 narrow, long and short rooms, some small, some large; so that, of all the solutions they have adopted to be successfully decorated and furnished, choose the one that really suits your needs.

That being said, we will see these 15 solutions for decorating and arranging a narrow living room.

Give priority to the couch

Photographs by Marie Lyne Quirion

The sofa is the most important piece of furniture in the living room, or most of them. If this is the case for you, buy or choose the sofa first.

A sofa in which you feel comfortable and at ease, even if it eats the earth.

Think that if you are one of those who use the sofa a lot, if you put a small one, which does not fit your requirements and in which you do not feel comfortable, you will have a more messy but uncomfortable living room.

Therefore, if you want, need and want a large sofa, bet on it. Of course, keep in mind that when you prioritize your sofa, you’ll probably have to make other sacrifices, such as a smaller TV cabinet or give it up, among other examples.

Look at the room above these rows. It has a large, comfortable sofa, where you can watch TV, sleep, gather friends or family, etc. But the rest is mini.

Also, even if you choose a wide, multi-seat sofa, try to choose it as small as possible. There are visually relatively small 4-seater sofas, and then 4-seater sofas, which look like buses. Look down:

Light sofa with 4 seats:

Light beige sofa with 4 seats

Large sofa with 4 seats:

Large sofa with 4 seats

Which would you say is bigger? The second couch, right? The first is actually 40 cm longer than the second, but the second looks much bigger and heavier, right?

I don’t mean to say that the first sofa is better than the second. It is an example, so you can see that even if you want a large four-seater sofa, for example, you do not have to buy a sofa that looks like a tank.

There are large sofas with a light cut, which are ideal for small and narrow rooms.

Let’s continue:

Use the corners and architecture of your living room

Narrow room solutions

Design and photography Jacquelyn Clark

If we place the furniture following the natural lines of the interior architecture of the living room, we will make it more fluid, more harmonious, making everything seem to be in its natural place.

Look at the upstairs room. A large corner sofa has been placed in the corner and fits perfectly with it.

It is not always possible to do this, but if you can, try to adapt the furniture to the natural lines of your living room, taking advantage of the corners, corners or any other idiosyncrasies that your living room has.

Let’s see another solution for furnishing and decorating a narrow living room.

Don’t put it on TV

Narrow room solutions

Design and photography so good with age

This advice or solution to save space in a narrow room only works if you do not watch TV.

There are many people who do not watch TV, but since the collective idea of ​​a telecentric living room is so widespread, when it comes to furnishing their living room, they always put television and TV furniture, even if not I use it. .

If you do not use it, you can completely do without it, as well as the TV cabinet and you can gain space to put, for example, a fireplace, as we see in the narrow living room above these lines.

Or a library or a dining table or anything else you’ll use instead of a TV.

Let’s continue.

Imitate the furniture

Narrow room solutions

Something that works very well to integrate the furniture in small or large spaces is to paint the walls the same color as the furniture, making it mix with the walls and, visually, everything is easier.

You just have to look at the narrow living room upstairs, with white furniture and white walls, to realize that what I am saying is true and it works.

This tip is useful if you already have furniture, especially in light tones and want to change the narrow living room without spending much: Paint the walls the same color and you will see the change.

Let’s see more solutions for narrow rooms.

Do not put a TV cabinet

Narrow room solutions

Dotti design and photography studio

If you need a TV in your living room, you can do without the TV cabinet and gain space or make the living room look more insane.

Today, almost all of us already have flat screen TVs that we can install on the wall with TV mounts at a very affordable price.

So if you use the TV cabinet only to put the TV and you do not need storage space, you might consider giving up the TV cabinet.

In the upstairs living room they did not put a TV cabinet and hung the TV on the wall and, as you can see, the result is a narrow room, but light and untidy.

If you need a TV cabinet or you like to have it, then you can make the following idea:

Install a shelf

Narrow room solutions

A shelf as a TV cabinet will allow you to have a surface to put a TV, as well as a certain storage on the shelf, even free or inside a box, for example.

But because it is a shelf and not a piece of furniture, the living room will not lose depth, because the eye, even with the shelf placed, can see the whole wall and does not look so overloaded or narrow.

Let’s move on to another idea:

Remove the curtains

Narrow room solutions

As long as you don’t use them for a practical matter, such as adjusting the light or ensuring privacy at home, they are very much in favor of removing curtains in small spaces.

They make the rooms look bigger, brighter and, in the case of narrow rooms that have a window at the end of the room, like the one we see just above, they also make them look wider.

Do you have curtains up?

Take the test. Take them out. You leave the house, have a beer and when you come home, you will see what a difference and the impact it has on you when you see the room without curtains.

And if you need curtains …

Narrow room solutions

If you put the curtains, they are light and, if possible, they do not occupy the entire wall, as we see in this room above.

If it occupies the whole wall, and the eye does not see that section of the wall, everything will seem smaller, narrower.

However, if the curtains are light and allow a wall to be seen, the eye sees continuity with the rest of the walls and the space does not seem so narrow or so small.

Something as «small» as the type of curtains you put on can largely define how you see your living room. So pay special attention to this item, because you can get a lot out of it.

In addition to curtains, you can also use blinds, if you need to put something on the windows. In general, they are lighter and have a lower visual weight than curtains.

Pay attention to the architectural details

Narrow room solutions

Design and photography Apezinho by Nathy

It is not always possible, but if you are planning to renovate or the living room has remarkable architectural details, such as double-height ceilings, pits and lighting lamps, take advantage of them or install them in the renovation you will do. , to gain visual and decorative richness.

Notice in the room above how small and narrow it is. Besides the fact that it is very well decorated, it is the ceiling with headlights and recessed spotlights with double height that make this room have a modern and unique design, which gives it a lot of personality and a lot of style.

Take advantage of the vertical space and heights

Narrow room solutions

The whole IKEA set

If you need a living room with furniture to store many things, no matter how small, you will always have walls to add furniture and thus you will increase the storage capacity.

In this room that we see just above IKEA, we see how several modules of the Billy shelf were installed next to the window and another above it, taking advantage of the vertical space with great success.

Make her chic, make her beautiful

Narrow room solutions

Design and photography MeuApartamentinho

Think about each piece before adding it, how it will look, how it will look itself and the rest of the elements.

Everything you add to beautify the whole.

But look at the living room upstairs, how narrow and small it is and yet it gives personality, it is perfectly decorated, it is beautiful, chic and charming. It does not lack details!

Communicate inside with outside

Narrow room solutions

To achieve this solution for narrow rooms it is necessary to reform, because the idea is to install a window instead of a door in the wall that provides access to the terrace.

Many floors have access to the terrace through a single door.

An idea to visually expand the living room and make it bigger is to make it communicate with the terrace or balcony, through a large window, without walls, so that it looks like the living room extends to the outside.

Then it is in your hand or not to add curtains. If you do not add them, the sense of depth and cohesion of the exterior and interior spaces will be greater.

Do not force the furniture

Narrow room solutions

Design and photography Centsational Style

In general, we all want an area for sofas and another to eat in the living room. Thus obtaining the classic dining room of a lifetime.

And it’s good as long as it’s not forced. If you have space in the kitchen to install a table, but not in the living room, it is better not to put it with a shoe and use that area where you were going to put the table to add other items.

In the living room upstairs, it was decided to add a seating area that would complement the sofa area and not saturate the space, and the result is, at least, charming.

All this as long as you have space in the kitchen to eat, of course.

Do not add more decor than necessary

Narrow room solutions

Design and photography Casinha de Brinquedo

Only with the necessary and correct furniture, you can get a magazine room, no matter how narrow and how little furniture you have.

As long as you add them wisely, with a planning and a preliminary study of your space, you will get a truly charming atmosphere.

The upstairs room shows us this idea in its purest form.

It has the right furniture and decor for a small space, but each piece looks unique, and the whole set makes a very beautiful and complete living room. He doesn’t need anything and he doesn’t have enough.

Beware of visual effects when painting

Narrow room solutions

Design and photography Rose on the Row

This upstairs room is well decorated, although it could have been used more and made it look wider than it is.

If you notice, they painted the walls black, except for the area of ​​the windows, which were painted white. This makes the living room look even narrower visually than it is.

If you do not want to make mistakes with painting, check out these tricks to turn a space with paint.

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And now continue to learn ideas and solutions with these 50 ideas to decorate a small living room.