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15 dining rooms with large mirrors on the walls and shopping with mirrors

15 dining rooms with large mirrors on the walls and shopping with mirrors

Decorating a dining room with large mirrors is a trend. Well, I think it has never ceased to be, but it is true that for some time it seems to see more and customers demand it even more.

You can put many types of large mirrors to decorate the dining room. In addition, they can be placed directly on the wall or supported on the floor, as well as placed on a piece of furniture, such as a sideboard, for example, among many other options.

Therefore, it is impossible for me to tell you exactly how to decorate your dining room with large mirrors or to recommend a specific dining room mirror.

So, we have prepared a good collection of photos and ideas for dining rooms decorated with large mirrors, so you can find the decor and mirror that suits you best and you can be inspired to decorate your dining room.

In addition, we’ve also put links to mirrors so you can buy or evaluate them if you like an idea and want to make it happen.

That being said, we will see these ideas and mirrors that you will see how, in the end, you will be clear about what big mirror to put in your living room.

Industrial window type with black panels

Design and photography Louise

Whether they are partitions, enclosures, partitions or mirrors, it is the fact that separate surfaces with panels are fashionable.

In addition, these mirrors have the strange quality of looking good in many styles, not only in the industrial, as we see in the dining room above these lines, with that chic style, with pink chairs, a white table and the big black. paneled mirror that looks great on the wall, presiding over the space.

If on black it seems too much, very intense or with a lot of prominence, you also have them available in white that have a lighter visual weight.

If you like this style of mirrors, here at Maisons du Monde you have 10 very interesting models.

Let’s look at another dining room decorated with large mirrors on the wall.

Make a mirror mosaic

A dining room with a wall decorated with a mosaic of mirrors

A good idea to decorate a wall of mirrors in the dining room is to create a mosaic of them that fills the entire wall.

It would be something similar to creating a gallery of pictures or decorative sheets, but with mirrors.

If you like this idea, plan it ahead in a sketch with measurements to know exactly what size of mirrors you need and then everything fits.

In addition, to achieve this idea you need to keep in mind that if there will be many mirrors, it is better to have their frame simple, because an excessive frame that attracts a lot of attention can create an ornate wall by putting more mirrors. together.

In the dining room we see above, they opted for a mirror mosaic with a white frame, straight and simple, and the result is very good.

It’s not the only way to create a mirrored mosaic wall, if you liked this idea, see below:

A dining room with a wall decorated with a mosaic of mirrors

You can also put them together, completely glued together to form a single mirror.

If you look at what I was saying before about frames, that the simpler it is, the better, as you can see, this time they put frames with more presence, wider, with strips and more depth and own frame than the mirrors themselves.

Let’s look at another idea to decorate a living room wall with large mirrors.

Find them on the wall

A dining room with a wall decorated with a mosaic of mirrors

Using a fake drywall partition, you can create a structure on the entire wall and then close more smooth mirrors without frames, or bevels or relief. In this case, the possibilities are endless, because you can create the niches you like the most and the combination that suits you best.

Once you have the wall and niches ready to fit the mirrors, go to the trusted glassmaker with the exact measurements of the niches so that they can make custom mirrors for you and you’re done.

Leaning on the ground

A dining room with a large mirror standing on the wall

Design and photography The Sorry Girls

Another idea, with a much more visual impact, is to put a large mirror, but instead of being on the wall, like everyone else, resting on the floor.

In this way, the mirror is given much more importance, because it is taken out of its natural «habitat» and its attention is accentuated.

This mirror is made by hand. It’s a DIY, but if you don’t want to complicate it, here at Maisons du Monde, you can buy a similar one, big and beautiful.

Depending on the decorative style, one will be better than the other. Above we see one with the appreciated panels, of industrial type, but you can put any other that accompanies the decoration, as we see below this paragraph:

A dining room with a large mirror standing, supported by the wall

Ecologik design and photography

Although in this case one with panels would have been very good, we chose to put a smooth one with a big and thick black frame and it looks fantastic.

If you are not completely sure if you put the mirror upright or on the wall, you can request it and when it arrives, try it. First you put it down and see what it looks like, what it tells you, whether you like it or not.

If you like it, leave it, if you don’t like the way it looks, install it on the wall.

On a buffet

A dining room with a large mirror above the sideboard

This idea of ​​decorating a dining room with large mirrors is the most traditional idea and also the safest. Decorating the buffet area with a mirror is a safe bet.

To look good, make sure the mirror is never larger than the sideboard, otherwise it will be totally disproportionate. Always the same size or slightly smaller.

The problem of proportion in the decor is the most important. You can have the most beautiful elements that, if they are disproportionate in the measurements, the eye will feel uncomfortable with the result.

Put two mirrors, matching

A dining room with a wall decorated with two mirrors

This idea is like putting two pictures or matching decorative sheets, creating a diptych, but with mirrors.

If they are just as good, because they do not fail and you will not have any problems, although you can also put different mirrors.

You can’t just put two, even if it’s the idea we see. You can also create a triptych by placing three mirrors.

If you want to put more than three mirrors, then I advise you to apply the idea I saw at the beginning of creating a mirror mosaic.

If you liked this idea, here in Leroy you can buy two mirrors like the ones in the upstairs living room at a very good price.

Veneer or clad a wall with a beveled mirror

A dining room decorated with a beveled mirror wall

Another idea to decorate a wall with large mirrors in the living room is to provide it with a mirror from top to bottom and from left to right, ie completely.

You can use a completely smooth mirror or, if you want to add decor, bet on mirrors with a beveled pattern, which are more elegant and decorative than smooth mirrors, as we see in the elegant living room upstairs, where a wall to the ceiling was veneered with a large beveled mirror and the result is spectacular.

As you can see, it does not need a frame or any other detail to look perfect.

And, although it doesn’t always work, because it all depends on the space, sometimes you don’t even need to cover the whole wall:

A dining room decorated with a beveled mirror wall

Photos Evgezmesi

In this case, the mirror does not cover the entire wall, but still looks good, because it is provided with the table and the dining room itself. Although my advice is that as you wear it, make it to the end and cover the entire wall.

Put a decorative mirror

A dining room decorated with a wall with a diamond mirror

All mirrors are decorative, but when I say a decorative mirror I mean those whose design is out of the ordinary, either due to a spectacular frame or other details, such as the outline of a diamond pattern as we see in the spectacular living room. with diamond mirror above these lines.

You have a wide range of decorative mirrors with hundreds of different features to add a special note to any of the living room walls.

If you want a «wow» effect, go for decorative mirrors.

It doesn’t have to be like the one we see above so striking. As I say, you have endless possibilities in terms of mirror designs to choose a decorative mirror that decorates the living room wall with more or less prominence. See below:

A dining room decorated with a beveled mirror wall

New Design and Photography

In this case, a more subtle but equally decorative mirror was placed, which makes the dining area a space for magazines, but without excesses.

Combine 3D decorative panels and mirrors

A dining room with a wall decorated with a large mirror and 3D cladding

April House Photography

Something that goes very well for a modern, contemporary style, with a sophisticated cut, is to use 3D decorative panels or embossed tiles, or moldings on the wall, or any other decorative element to cover the wall with relief, along with a mirror. .

Here the possibilities are endless, because, as you can imagine, the huge range of materials and 3D coatings is added to the mirrors. But if you accept my advice and want to realize this idea to decorate a wall in your living room, use only one of the two elements as the main decorative element. That is, either 3D walls and smooth mirror, or smooth walls and decorative mirror.

If you put both 3D walls and embossed walls and an excessive mirror, the result can be an overwhelming task, too visual. Look at the dining room upstairs. The walls were covered with a material with a very pronounced relief, but the mirror is smooth, simple, and the result is perfect.

As you can see, there are many options to decorate the dining room with large mirrors. Here we saw some of the main and most used. If you have other ideas or questions in your mind, leave a comment that I will be happy to answer. And if you think a friend or family member might like this article, share it. Thanks!

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